This Week At The Webster’s – Cutting Baby Curls, Exam Fever, Mummy’s Scary Night Out & An Unexpected Blood Test

This week has seemed to drag on forever, Chris has been in Wales for work this week so he’s had really long days and I’ve been really busy at home, I’m in full Spring clean and purge the house mode, comping my butt off, survey filling and looking for ways to fund Christmas, as well as all the mum things I do.

Jake had his hair cut this week, it grows so fast and although I miss his curls it looks a lot better, he’s really losing his baby-ness now and is looking more like a little boy.

My eldest lad Scott started his GCSE exams on Monday, I’m nervous but also excited for him, he’s going to college in September and in August when he turns 16 he’s determined to find a job, I love seeing him so motivated, I can’t believe my lad will soon be a man, I’m excited to see what the future holds for him.

I had a rare night out this week, I went to the cinema with my cousin Lisa and my eldest daughter Jess, we watched a horror called ‘Unfriended’, I used to be Lisa’s horror buddy but in the last few years I’ve become a real wuss about watching them.

I liked the film, it was quite different and I enjoyed the concept, it did make me jump a few times and elbowLisa in the ribs, she’s suggested we sit one two chairs apart next time!
We also got a great bargain as we only paid £12 for all three of the cinema tickets, making it a budget night out.

I had a routine appointment at the doctors this week, if you have been reading for a while you will know that my health hasn’t been so good this year so I’ve become a regular at the doctor’s surgery much to my annoyance, after having had two lots of blood tests already I’ve had another one this week to test for Coeliac disease, please keep your finger’s crossed for me because as much as I want to know what’s wrong I’m really hoping it’s not this.

The children have been busy playing and learning as usual and I will include some photo’s below, the weather has been a mixed bag so we haven’t spent as much time in the garden.




How has you week been ? Do you like horror films or are you a bit of a scaredy cat like me ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela x


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