Keep Kids Busy In The Summer Holidays

If, throughout the summer holidays, you live in the constant fear of the words, ‘Mum/Dad, I’m really, really bored, what can we do?’ – you’re not alone.

So many parents face the same terrifying prospect of trying to keep their kids entertained throughout the summer. But thankfully, with a little bit of planning and some creativity, there is a wide range of activities you can put together that’ll make sure the word ‘bored’ is never uttered once. Here are just some of the cool and tried-and-tested ideas I’ve found useful this year.

How To Keep Kids Busy In The Summer Holidays

kids with colorful chalks


Pick a day a week where you and the kids roll up your sleeves and do some baking (or cooking). If they’re a little older, you might want to let them get involved with the task from the start, choosing their ingredients as you walk around the supermarket (another way to pass a few hours). Then, guide them through the process as they bake their pièce de résistance, trying not to take over – even if things do get a little messy at times!

star shaped cookies with sprinkles


It’s never too early to get the kids interested in gardening, and if you’ve got the space, why not let them create their own veggie patch? Whether they’re growing prize-winning marrows or beautiful blooms of flowers, the rewards they’ll feel for their green-fingered efforts will be huge. Plus, it may make them a little more eager to try different vegetables at mealtimes – win/win!


Another great way to get them into the great outdoors is to go on a family adventure. Head to your local nature reserve, woodland or park and let them unleash their imagination by playing hide and seek and building dens. This gives you and your partner or friends time to sit back, relax and watch the little ones at play.

Alternatively, if the kids are reluctant to get active or they’re always looking for a new gadget or sport to try, you could all have plenty of fun with a pair of roller skates each. Or, for something even more ‘cool’ you might want to try the latest trend of heelys, which you’ll find at places like Skatehut.

kids running through woodland

…And Relax

Finally, at the end of all your new adventures or after a day or two’s hard graft in the garden, it’s time to enjoy some well-deserved chill-out time (and I mean for the kids and you!).

Whether you all pick a TV program to watch or put on your family’s favourite film, there’s nothing quite like getting curled up under the duvet together for the day. This is also the perfect idea if rain stops play.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.



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