Why Hampers Make Great Gifts

Christmas is coming! Are you ready for the festive season? Or has December sprung up from nowhere, taking you by surprise?

Whether you have your shopping all sorted  and just have a few people left to buy for or you still have gifts to get for everyone, there is one present idea that ticks the boxes for everyone from your mum and dad to the next-door neighbour who looked after your cat while you went away in the summer: hampers.  

Hampers are a real all-rounder that cover everything the recipient enjoys, and you can theme them to suit their taste. Here are some ideas for the hampers you can give this Christmas.  

The DIY Effort

For the ones you’re closest to, a hamper that you’ve created can be a lovely, personal gift. Once you’ve bought the basket, you can then start to select the things that they love. There are a few ways you can do this.

One way is to create a themed hamper, filled with one of the things they love. For the tea lovers, you could buy a teapot and some mugs and surround them with flavoured teas from around the world or pack it out with the brew they prefer. For the cheese and crackers fans, you could head to a deli and select an array of cheeses that they can enjoy.

Alternatively, if you can’t decide, create a mash up of all their favourite things. Pop in some coffee and chutneys, biscuits and crisps. A little of everything could be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving through early 2019.

Sweet Treats

For those with a sweet tooth, there are lots of options out there that include little sugary treats. Gift chocolate fans with delicious chocolate hampers or for fans of tuck shop sweets, there are plenty of hampers that feature the classics from the pick ‘n’ mix.

These work well for both your mother-in-law and your workmates in the Secret Santa. This is because they are a thoughtful choice without being too personal.

Little Pet

If you love your pooch or feline friend more than anything, a little hamper for them is a cute treat for Christmas. Put together a little box filled with squeaky toys and their favourite biscuits to show how much they mean to you. You’re sure to get a tail wag as a thank you in return.

Are you giving a hamper this Christmas? Have these ideas inspired you?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative Post.

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