Word Of The Week – Broken

Well, this has been one hell of a frustrating week with several things breaking one after the other so broken has definitely been our theme. I’m not sure why but one broken thing seems to set off a chain reaction and that’s what’s happened at our house this week.

Washing Machine Woes 

At the weekend our washing machine decided it wasn’t going to spin anymore, Chris had a look at it and was confident he could fix it. A part was ordered and after several hours of tinkering, it seemed to be working again. I managed to get a few loads washed but when a few days later I came to wash again the same thing happened again but this time I could smell burning.

As it stands the washer is broken, I have a load of sopping wet towels to try and dry and we will most likely spend another weekend scratching our heads trying to come up with a solution.

The Car

As if one expensive broken thing wasn’t enough the car decided to start making a weird noise last week too. Chris had a look and spotted the problem which thankfully is an easy fix and the parts were inexpensive which was a bonus. The only problem being that the time to fix it. The whole weekend was spent trying to fix the washing machine and Chris has had a really busy week at work so he hasn’t been able to look at it yet. No doubt this weekend will be taken up with trying to fix both the washer and the car.

The Frame

This one I have to laugh about, I bought a nice family photo frame about two years ago and never got around to filling it with photos. I finally decided to display it on the wall in the hopes it would prompt me to order some prints, it was up a few weeks before Jake throwing a ball in the front room knocked it off and it smashed. It was just never meant to be, but on the plus side, it was the third thing to break so hopefully that will be last of our run of bad luck.

In Other News

It’s not been all bad this week, of course, Daisy started science club again, Jake and I spent some time after school at the library, and the kids had an author visit their school which was exciting. I’ve spent the week updating old blog posts which as well as being productive was also fun, I’ve loved looking back at the photos of the kids and our adventures.

I’ve also finished a couple of books this week, I find alternating between reading print and listening to an audiobook is working really well for me.



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6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Broken

  1. Broken is definitely the right word for your week but hopefully the run of breakages is at an end now! Hope that your car and washing machine can be fixed over the weekend. How exciting for the children to have an author visit their school and lovely to have a productive week even with all the hiccups. Hope you have a good weekend. #WotW

  2. Oh no! A broken washing machine and a broken car. I wouldn’t be able to cope. Thankfully we get our car through Motablitiy so if it goes wrong we get it fixed for free and a courtesy car. People think it’s free but I give up £66 a week in benefits for it. It’s so worth it though. (I don’t have to pay tax or insurance either.) Again, with the broken washing machine I pay a few pound every month for insurance so it can be fixed if needed, or replaced if it can’t be fixed. I just have to be prepared.
    I really hope you get it all sorted without being too much out of pocket. x

  3. Oh no how annoying. It is the way though, one thing breaks and more seem to follow.
    Your washer problem sounds like what happened to ours it was the belt that had broken. Ugh! We were lucky as we pay for the care plan and Curry’s come out to fix it. I hope you get yours fixed soon.
    I hope Chris can fix the car. He sounds like a handy man to have around. x

  4. Wow its been one thing after another, when we didnt have our washer for a week it was torture but the car is another level thank goodness that was fixed. I keep trying to update old posts too, there is always so much admin to do isn’t there?

  5. Oh! I feel your pain. It does all seem to happen at the same time. Like you, we fix the broken things ourselves. It does take time, but saves money. I hope you get both the car and washing machine fixed soon. I hope Daisy is enjoying her science club. I’m sure Jake enjoyed the one to one time with you in the library. #wotw

  6. A broken car and washing machine would be the end of the world in our house! hope you get it all sorted, and that next week everything stays in one piece!

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