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This week has been all about the countdown, first to Jake’s fifth birthday and then to our holiday. My kids get so excited about upcoming events that we always have to have a countdown. I don’t mind though as it’s a great way to sneak in some maths, a countdown is a great way to learn subtraction.

Jake has been counting down to his birthday since January, first we had how many months, then weeks and eventually days. You can imagine the levels of excitement at the beginning of this week, he’s told everyone we’ve met this week that he’s turning five.

On his birthday morning he couldn’t wait to get up and open his presents. Daisy has caught the excitement bug too and was awake before all of us. I love birthdays, they are truly special and I believe they should be celebrated no matter what your age.

Jake had a lovely day, they sand Happy Birthday to him at school and he got to choose something out of the birthday bag. He chose a bouncy ball, another to add to his collection of the many he already has. After school he had requested a party tea with all his favourite foods. He won’t be having a party this year so I was happy to indulge him although it did make for an odd mix of a meal. After tea he blew the candles out on his birthday cake, he always chooses chocolate cake no matter how enticing those character cakes are.

The other countdown we’ve been on for almost a year is fast approaching too. We are off to Majorca at the end of this month, it’s the kids first time on a plane and they are super excited. I’ve been busy this week making sure we have everything we need to take with us. This is the part of going on holiday I don’t like, I always think I’m going to forget something vital. I’m also not looking forward to the flight, I don’t enjoy being on a plane but if you want to see the world you have to suck it up I suppose.

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24 thoughts on “Word Of The Week -Countdown

  1. Such lovely countdowns. So glad that Jake had such a nice birthday yesterday and I love how excited he was about it. I can still remember my fifth birthday – it was a big exciting one for me too! Birthdays are lovely things. Not long to go now until your holiday – good luck with all the packing and preparation x #WotW

  2. Lovely that Jake has been so excited about his birthday. I forget how early the countdown starts when they are little. Glad he had a lovely birthday. Now wondering what food he asked for. I’m with you on the run up to a holiday. I’d far rather someone just sprang it on me at the last moment. Not long though! #wotw

    1. The countdown starts silly early when they are this age, the excitement is contagious though. Jake asked for tiger bread with cream cheese on, nachos and cheese, sausage rolls and cupcakes, they are all his favourite things at the moment x

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to Jake, I think 5 is one of my favourite years, it’s when they start developing their own little characters, while still being super cute 🙂 I’m glad he enjoyed his day. We are on ‘countdown’ here too. We go to Wales next weekend (Almost as exciting as Majorca!) Thanks for linking up and being a Wower this week x #wotw

  4. Happy birthday to Jake! My grandson turned 5 on St. Patrick’s Day this year and we had a countdown to his birthday too. It IS a great way to teach them a little math and build excitement as we get closer to the big day. Hope you have a lovely vacation!

    1. He did Ojo, thanks. I never used to enjoy my own birthday but I started treating myself each year, taking the day to indulge in whatever I fancied doing and now I love celebrating it x

  5. Such lovely countdowns. they are fab. I’m glad that Jake had such a nice birthday and I was so excited about it. I can still remember my fifth birthday. I got a Kermit the frog and a cake with a pink elephant on it. xx

  6. Countdowns definitely build the anticipation for an upcoming event. It sounds like Jake had a lovely birthday (I’m with him on the chocolate cake!) which is nice. Holiday prep is definitely a balancing act of emotions at times, what with getting anything sorted, travel worries etc. I’m sure you’re all going to have a wonderful holiday, and that the flight goes well! Not long now!

  7. I think having a countdown like this is a great way of including all the family in the excitement of upcoming plans. It sounds like your son had a lovely birthday. I can imagine how excited you all are for your holiday, hope you have a lovely time.

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