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I’m cheating a bit this week as health has been my focus for a few weeks now. I’ve decided to use it as my word for this week as after years of dodging it I’ve finally started making time for exercise. I think I have mentioned before that I have type 2 diabetes, I was diagnosed almost three years ago now. After a change of medication (yet again) I had to have a routine blood test to make sure my liver and kidney function wasn’t affected. The results were good for that but did show that my HbA1c levels were still rising, this is never good news for a diabetic.

The diabetic nurse gave me the stark reality that if my levels continue to rise I could be looking at having to move on to injectable medication within a year. This is the thing I dread the most, I had to inject insulin during my last two pregnancies and it wasn’t pleasant at all. Her words, although not harsh have given me the wake up call I needed.

I’m not going to lie it’s not been easy, I have to be mindful of what I’m eating all the time which is something I struggle with as someone who used to have an unhealthy restriction with food. I spent 32 years obsessing over my weight, appearance and self-image so to have finally learned to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin has turned me in to a rebel. The reality is though that this is about my health and that’s something I’ve been neglecting. From now on it’s all about balance, I’m not going to stop having the odd day of treats here and there just a lot less often.

With a much better attitude to food under my belt I’ve now turned to introducing daily exercise too. I’m experimenting with lots of different types from cardio to yoga, my burning leg muscles are the proof that it’s starting to work. I just need to learn to pace myself and remember I’m not a spring chicken anymore. I’ve never disliked exercising I would just rather do something I enjoy more like read a book or watch TV, those things won’t improve my physical health though will they.

It’s going to be a long road ahead, I have another appointment and blood test in August and I’m determined to see those levels come down by then.

I’m linking up with Anne from Raisie Bay  for Word of the Week.

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6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Health

  1. It sounds like you are taking control which is a good thing. It’s not nice when our health lets us down but it’s good when we can make a lifestyle change to improve it, even though it’s not always easy. I’ve found that my body has got used to eating very little now that I’m not so mobile, which has, in fact, surprised me. Good for you for having a better attitude towards it, I’m sure you’ll get this under control again. x Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  2. You know Jack is t1, he was diagnosed at 10 he is now 18 and sport has been his best friend, he is insulin dependent and has to inject, but if you can avoid that make the changes Angela, have you thought of slimming world? That would be a great way of re training your eating habits and reducing you HBA1c, best of luck my lovely I know how hard it is xx

  3. Good for you for being proactive with your health. I am struggling with diet right now too. My cholesterol levels are very high and I don’t want to go on medication. I am trying to follow a strict low-fat diet to bring down my blood cholesterol levels. It’s tough, I know. Maybe we can encourage each other. Best of luck to you!

  4. Maybe it’s me, but I find it so much easier with the longer days and warmer temperatures to eat healthily and exercise. Comfort food is so tempting when it’s colder. I think you are starting at the right time to make it a habit. Good luck with it and the burning muscles! #wotw

  5. Well done to you for making positive changes – I can imagine that it isn’t easy to do. I hope that your HbA1c levels will have come down at your next appointment. Balance is really important – hope you can find the balance with pacing yourself on the daily exercise too 🙂 #WotW

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