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I’m sure I’ve used declutter as my word of the week several times before but there wasn’t a better word to describe my week. With the outside of the house still in chaos I decided that to keep me sane I would have a mass declutter on the inside.

I usually like to follow the one in one out method but that seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent months. The kids clothes and shoes needed sorting and my own wardrobe was full of things I didn’t wear. Five bags later and I felt much lighter.

Next it was time to cull all the bits and bobs that seem to appear from nowhere when you have kids. Broken toys, scraps of paper and unloved toys and games didn’t escape the cull.

There’s still a way to go with the house, we have a ‘junk’ room downstairs but I’m going to tackle that alone once the kids are back at school. I’m glad I tackled the majority of it this week, we go away next week and it will be so nice to come home to a nice orderly house.

I know having a tidy house isn’t important to everyone but I don’t function well when everything is upside down.

Now I just need to learn my lesson and stop bringing so much in. Easier said than done when you love stuff but hate clutter.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Declutter

  1. Decluttering is so satisfying and it is nice to be able to come home to a tidy house. Sounds like you’ve had a very productive week with the decluttering. I need to do the same at some point as we still haven’t sorted out Sophie’s new room or started preparing anything for when Peanut arrives. Good luck with decluttering the junk room and hope you have a lovely time away next week x #WotW

  2. I am just the same, love stuff but hate clutter. I’ve done the wardrobes this week which is a start. We also have a room downstairs that is junked, it was once the garage of the house that was converted into a room, but now just has stuff that we don’t seem to have a place for.

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