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This week has been all about making decisions and heading in a new direction with the blog. I’ve had all these ideas in mind for ages but have been reluctant up to now to take action. My blog turns five years old next month so I’ve decided it’s time to step things up and go after my dreams.

When I first started blogging I wrote about the things that I loved like living a frugal lifestyle, saving money, bargain hunting and all things related to those topics. Over the years I’ve continued diversifying sometimes going in the totally opposite direction than I had intended. I’ve learned so much and had some great experiences which has been lovely non the less.

Lately though I’ve felt restless and uninspired, with a head full of ideas but not the courage to pursue any of them. I felt lost with no direction. Constantly telling myself what if I did this with the blog and it didn’t work or what if I did that with the blog and it failed, on and on a long line of what if’s !

With September fast approaching and the prospect of being able to work full-time again I knew I needed to put these worries to bed and just go for it. Then out of the blue I spotted this quote and it just spoke to me.

So I’ve put my worries about niches and diversity behind me and between now and September I’m going to try lots of new things on the blog. What works will stay what doesn’t won’t, isn’t it funny the limitations we place on ourselves.

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12 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Direction

  1. I love that quote, it makes you think doesn’t it. I feel the same, I’ve often wondered about turning my blog into a full time career, but I can’t get my head around the work and deadlines involved. I’m currently looking for other ways to work from home but sometimes I get overwhelmed. It’s hard sometimes to decide what to do with all those eggs and flour etc and how to turn them into what you really want. It’s easier to walk away, but then you don’t get any cake!
    Good luck with whatever you finally decide on x

  2. Go you!! Wishing you the best of luck….
    I think people get too hung up about niches….It’s your blog, do your own thing!
    I’m sure whatever you put on here people will still read and love. I know I will. x

  3. Angela you can do this, I love that quote it is so true! You are amazing, and my advice would be dont listen to all that blooming advice ha ha. Be unique and be you, blog what makes you happy there is no formula, you are the formula xxx

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