Where To Find Coupons In The UK

I do love a bit of couponing every now and again, I will usually save up my coupons and go on a shopping spree. Coupons are great for saving money on your grocery bill as well as bagging some fantastic freebies. Paper coupons have lost popularity in the UK in recent years but there are still some savings to be had.  I’ve put together a list of places that I look for coupons and money off discounts both paper and cash back.

Where To Find Coupons 

Super Savvy Me

Although Super Savvy Me are not offering print at home coupons any more they still have some fantastic offers for you to redeem. The way it works is similar to other cash back apps, you select which coupons you want to save then once you have bought the product you upload your receipt, this must be done on a mobile. Cash back is paid through PayPal, there is a minimum cash back amount of £5.

There are also free samples available to order too. I suggest checking the website regularly so you don’t miss out.


The Victoria website offers print at home coupons off a variety of P&G brand products.


Tesco and Asda both have free monthly magazines in store. These often contain coupons you can clip out and use. Waitrose and Sainsbury’s have similar magazines containing coupons but there are a charge for these usually.

It’s worth visiting those sampling stands in the supermarkets too, they often have coupons as well as samples. I’ve even won a few competitions by filling in an entry form at these sample stands.

Get into the habit of looking for free magazines and leaflets when you are out shopping.


Sign up for the Princes email newsletter, they often send a free product coupon with the monthly newsletter.


If you regularly buy newspapers or have a relative or friend that does make sure you scour them for coupons. The Metro newspaper that you find free on public transport often contains short-dated coupons too.

Over Christmas lots of newspapers offer things like free turkeys or gifts if you collect the daily printed coupons so keep an eye out for those too.

Caring Everyday 

The Caring Everyday website has lots of print at home coupons and offers for Johnson & Johnson.

Cashback Apps

Cashback apps like Shopmium, Checkout Smart, Click Snap and Green Jin are fantastic for saving money off your groceries. Lots of products end up totally free or heavily discounted after cash back. You can see what savings I made recently in this post here.

Coupons are everywhere so keep your eyes peeled next time you are out and about.


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