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Even though there are two weeks left of school this week has been rather unexpectedly, emotional. You would think with twenty years of parenting under my belt that I would be immune to the end of term emotions. I think it’s dawned on me this week that this will be the very last first time I will have a child starting school.

On Tuesday I went to a transition meeting about Jake moving up to reception class from nursery. I never expected it to be so emotional but there were a few teary moments. I’m really happy with the teacher he will have as Daisy had her a few years ago and she’s wonderful. I suppose it hit me all at once that come September my littlest boy will be in school all day.

School reports came home this week too and I couldn’t be prouder. Daisy has absolutely thrived in year 1, she’s enjoyed every moment and you can’t ask for more than that. Jake despite his wobbles going in to nursery in the morning has done brilliantly. He loves maths and of course construction, and he’s the joker of the class making everyone laugh.

Today Daisy will find out who her new teacher will be and then she will transition into year 2. She is feeling a bit sad about saying goodbye to her lovely year 1 teacher but I’m sure she will love her new teacher just as much.

Jake will start his transition on Monday and by next Friday he will be in his new classroom. One afternoon next week Jake and I will stay for lunch to see what it will be like in September.

Before September though we will have just over five weeks of the summer holidays to enjoy.

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19 thoughts on “Word of The Week – Emotional

  1. Oh I can only imagine how tough it is to see them growing up so quickly. It sounds like Jake’s going to have a great time at school though! I’ve seen you posting about getting stuck into more work when they’re both at school full time so that’s something exciting to come!

  2. I find end of terms quite emotional, and with Jake starting, that’s bound to make you teary. My two should get their school reports tonight and they always make me cry – in a good way!! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Ahh! This time of year is so emotional. I am predicting that it will be my word of the week next week.
    Well done to your children. I am expecting the school reports today. Eek!

  4. Awww, I think all transitional times are emotional, life goes by so quickly. There are always new things to look forward to though. x

  5. Ah its such an emotional time of year I cried buckets when both the boys left primary school. I have to say this year is one I am totally witting of educationally but I have felt emotional about his new School and start so I totally hear you x

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