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We have been home from holiday for exactly one week, getting back into a routine has been hard. Returning home after 10 days of glorious sunshine, not having to lift a finger unless it was to sip a cocktail has somewhat spoilt me. Of course, it’s always nice to come back home but there’s no escaping those holiday blues.

Since we came home it’s not stopped raining, that coupled with the somewhat cold temperatures doesn’t help with the holiday blues at all. It’s not all bad though as the rain has turned our garden into a flowery oasis and the bees are loving it.

As the weather doesn’t look to be improving any time soon we’ve decided to start some home improvements this weekend. We have a room that always gets filled up with junk so we’ve bought some garage style racking and shelves to try and sort the problem out. First, we will need to have a huge declutter and a few trips to the tip no doubt.

I also need to take a trip to Ikea, I know some people consider this fun but I absolutely do not. I love their products but despise the layout of the store so I will be using a sneaky shortcut to avoid the inevitable temptations.

I’m really excited to be making a start on the improvement plans we’ve had on our list for ages. They are all little jobs but they will make a big difference to our home.

I’m linking up with Anne from Raisie Bay for Word of the Week.

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10 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Home

  1. It is tough coming home from a wonderful, sunny vacation sometimes. I always used to daydream and fantasize that I was still away! Way to get started on your home improvements!

  2. It must be horrible coming back home to this weather! I’m glad you have lots of projects on the go to take your mind off it. Thanks for linking up to #wotw x

  3. It must have been a shock to come back to this rubbish weather. I bet the holiday blues have hit hard!
    Good luck with the decluttering. I’ve never ever been to an Ikea. All the one’s here are nowhere near why I live and take forever to get to on the bus.

  4. Ugh this weather is so cold and wet. I heard it could warmer soon so fingers crossed it does soon.
    My hubby hates IKEA too. I hope you get your improvements done X #wotw

  5. Holiday blues! Always make me fidgety. Very positive to channel those blues into home improvements. IKEA is awful at corrupting lists as soon as you walk through that door. A sneaky route seems a good idea. Maybe blinkers too. Hope your improvements go well this week. #wotw

  6. That sounds like a lovely holiday. It is hard when it comes to being back home. I am not a fan of Ikea, I feel like I am trapped and can never get out xx #WOTW

  7. There is nothing worse that holiday blues, I feel so ready for our holiday but am so going to miss the boys we have never left them for a week before. This weather has been hideous hasn’t it? And we have a few decluttering jobs to do too and I know I will feel so better when its done x

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