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This week I was going to write about the terrible mood I’ve been in, grumpy wouldn’t have been a descriptive enough word to explain how my mood has been. Then, something happened that reminded me that even in the crappiest of weeks there are always little acts of kindness.

We have an elderly neighbour across the way who is suffering from dementia, she lives alone but does have carers visiting several times a day. Just before Christmas she had a particularly bad episode, she was really upset knocking on doors asking for shillings for her electric meter. My husband Chris phoned social services as we were both really worried about her roaming the streets in the cold. Long story short she now has an alarm linked to her care call if the door is opened after 6 pm. They asked if Chris would be an emergency contact which means that if the alarm is activated they will call him if she doesn’t respond and he can pop across to check all is well. He agreed without hesitation.

It has been necessary a few times since Christmas to check on her after a call and up to now all has been well. Last night there were three missed calls from care call, Chris had his phone on silent. Without hesitation he disappeared out the door to go check on her. Thankfully she was okay but her poor dog, who was 18 years old was in a bad way.

Despite being tired from work and having a long days drive to Newcastle the next day he spent two hours phoning around trying to arrange a vet to come, social services to authorise it and care call to let them know what was going on. Several other neighbours joined him at her house to comfort her and try to make the dog comfortable. If that isn’t pure kindness then I don’t know what is.

When he came home I told him what a good man he was, he replied that it costs nothing to help only time. Before Christmas he let slip that he had been giving his sandwiches to homeless guys, he’s been working in town centres a lot lately and couldn’t just pass by without offering something. He had been doing this act of kindness for months and only told me because it came up in conversation about the little things we could do to make a difference. I hope he won’t mind me sharing this, I just want him to realise how much he inspires me to be a better, kinder human.

He along with others have inspired me to carry out my own random acts of kindness. Although I will never write about them it feels so nice to spread a little kindness into someones life.

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13 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Kindness

  1. It sounds like you have an amazing husband there, big credit to him. I think we can all be a bit kinder to others, and also ourselves. Hope your mood improves.

  2. What good neighbours you have and well done your husband. So many would turn the other way and avoid the responsibility. It’s clear that she needs that extra help. People don’t like to ask. It’s spotting the moments that you can be there for them. #wotw

  3. Oh this is so lovely of Chris and I hope the dog got to vet and is on the mend. I often think of how I can do more to help others by doing little acts of kindness. He has definitely spurred me on to do some little things to make other people smile x

  4. What a lovely post, well done Chris. This gives me hope about Ethan’s future. I hope he will have lovely neighbours like you. When I worked in the West End I would often buy any homeless people I walked past a McDonalds. It is better than giving them cash #WotW

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