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January is usually an expense-free month for us, there’s no birthdays or other celebrations so we can normally build our savings back up after Christmas. That’s not been the case this week though, thankfully it’s all been budgeted for but it’s still been a little painful.

This year we will be going on our first family holiday abroad which is very exciting but also very expensive. I along with the kids needed passports so that was a big expense to cover all at once. One of the things I didn’t realise was just how expensive those little added extras would cost when applying for the passports.

As my passport was a renewal we were able to submit a digital photo but we needed to send photos of the kids to them with it being their first ones. We took them to a photoshop where I thought I’d misheard when they asked for £19.98 at the till. The last time I got passport photos it cost £6 in a photo booth. Sometimes you don’t realise how much costs have risen over the years.

Then it came to sending our documents off to the passport office, I didn’t want to risk sending them standard so opted for special delivery. I couldn’t believe it when the teller asked me for £13, to send two envelopes surely not! I know I sound ancient complaining about these things but we could have taken a short break with the money we’ve spent on passports.

I had a dentist appointment this week too so there went another twenty-odd pound, followed by letters home from school wanting money for after school clubs. I’m hoping that’s the last of it now, not sure I could stretch our budget much further this week.

I might sound a little like ‘I remember when a pint of milk cost half a shilling’, but seriously when did everything become so expensive?

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17 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Expensive

  1. OH dear, I’ll be applying for passports this year, I’m really not looking forward to it. We probably won’t be going abroad until next year though as I’ve not planned it yet and we already have a holiday this year. Also, next year I have a savings plan mature and I’ve always planned on using it on a cruise, so that’s what we will do. I think I’m just like you when faced with growing costs. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend and keep dreaming of that holiday. Thanks for joining in with #wotw

  2. Oh I know exactly what you mean! I think with passports especially, because we only update them every ten years you forget just how much it costs. It also seems like so much money for such a small thing, but then when you think about what that book allows you to do it’s absolutely worth it. Your kids will have the best time on their first holiday abroad 😀 #WotW

  3. Funnily enough I went past a photo booth in Morrisons yesterday and they had a price of £6 for the passport photos. I thought that had gone up! I do like the new online system for applying. I do not miss the primary school letters and the constant trickle of money being requested. Secondary tends to be less often, but bigger amounts each time. Hope next week is less expensive for you. #wotw

  4. I think the main reason we have never gone abroad on holiday is the expense of getting passports. Eek! It is all so expensive!
    Ahh! My teen is costing me money tonight. She came home with a hole in her shoe. We’ll be getting new one’s tomorrow and then she wants £15 for a school trip. Ugh x

  5. I’m in process of applying for my children’s passports and they need my birth certificate and my mothers birth certificate too – apart from that I can’t find mine and as I was born in Birmingham and would need it the same day it’s looking like it will cost me £50 to get one!!

  6. Passports are such a huge expense – at least we’re able to look at it as something of value though, in the sense of the memories and exploration that are sure to come with the passport. How wonderful & exciting to be going on your first family holiday abroad this year!

  7. Passports are a nightmare and it is always the little things that bump up the holiday costs. We are trying to work out if we can go away and when you think about the extra bits you need its so expensive. I hope you really enjoy your holiday. I’m sure these costs will be worth it in the end #WotW

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