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Plan is my word for this week. I’m more than ready to plan for 2017 after all the madness of Christmas and the days in between where you are not sure what actual day it is.I have bought myself a new bullet journal, I’ve chosen this beautiful yellow as I have a feeling the new year will be very bright.Earlier this week I made a plan of action for the great Christmas clear out and Chris and I sat down to plan our goals for 2017.

I don’t really make resolutions any more but I do write goals for myself, for our family and this blog. I’m a natural planner and organiser it’s my sweet spot. I feel most at home when I’m filling in my journal.

Some of the things I’ve been planning this week include:

Our summer holiday

A new blogging schedule


Financial goals 

A new work schedule (for me)

Potty training for Jake

Our meal plan

Although I love planning I don’t let it get my down if things change or go the way I want them to. I think for me it’s the process of planning that I enjoy the most. Here’s to a brand new year full of opportunity.

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9 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Plan

  1. I love planning! I used to be a teacher in a middle school (ages 11 to 14) and would plan out nearly every minute of my work day. I’ve relaxed a bit over the years, but still find my most productive days are the ones I have a good plan for. #WotW

  2. I am totally with you on the planning and organisation, I LOVE it. I haven’t made any resolutions either but have jotted down ideas that we want to do around the house, travels and general things we want to get out of 2017. Here is to a great year x

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