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When a parcel of the new McVitie’s To Go range arrived for me to review I thought they would be just the thing to help me with one of my new years goals. Although one of my biggest goals this year is to get healthier I still want to be able to enjoy a treat now and again. The new Mcvitie’s To Go range are perfectly portioned with two biscuits per pack. The new range has been launched for busy biscuit lovers who want to enjoy their favourite snacks while on the go whenever the mood strikes!

McVitie’s To Go are available to buy in individual packs which is great if you have a craving for something sweet when you are out shopping. You can choose between milk chocolate digestives or milk chocolate hob nobs. The individual packs retail for around 50p each.They are also available to buy in multipacks from all major supermarkets. You can choose from:

Original Digestives £1.39

Milk Chocolate Digestives £1.59

Dark Chocolate Digestives £1.59

Milk Chocolate Hobnobs £1.59

We have been trying out the multipacks in the milk and dark chocolate digestive flavours. I have been popping them in to my bag when we’ve headed out to the park much to everyone’s delight. I’ve also added them to Chris’s lunch bag for work. I hope McVitie’s introduce more flavours to the range I would love to see ginger biscuits included in the future.

*We received a sample of McVititie’s To Go range free of charge for the purpose of review*


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5 thoughts on “Review-McVitie’s To Go Range

  1. They look so handy – and I love that they’re in serving sized packs, it *might* stop me from eating too many 😉
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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