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This week I’ve had a few enforced days of rest thanks to my defective bowel but it hasn’t stopped me from being productive and getting lots of planning done. I’ve been making lots of lists, planning for the next month, for home improvements, for a birthday party and lots more.


I love planning for a new month especially if it includes a school holiday as February does. The kids have a week off in the middle of the month so I’ve started researching all the fun things we can do, on a budget of course. There are a few more parks and open spaces that we want to revisit and I’m hoping we can take a winter picnic to the beach too. We still have a few family cinema tickets left from a prize win so we are hoping the new Sonic The Hedgehog film will be released by then.

I often make two lists one for outdoor activities and one for indoor activities, you just can’t tell what our delightful British weather will do this time of year so I like to cover all bases.


I recently reviewed a fantastic money-saving recipe book called Feed Your Family For £20 A Week and after trying some of the recipes I’ve been busy planning all of the other meals we would like to try. Meal planning saves us so much money anyway but if I can make even more savings I’m a very happy bunny indeed.

Birthday Party

Jake’s birthday isn’t until May but I’ve been making plans for his party in order to be organised and to work out a budget. I’ve promised he can have a party this year and invite some of his friends from school, we usually just have family parties or a day out. After looking at the price of kid’s parties at soft play or bowling centres I think I’ve come to the conclusion that we should have it at home.

Jake loves Minecraft and Roblox at the moment so I’ve been scouring Pinterest for themed party ideas and I’ve found a local bouncy castle hire company that have a Minecraft castle for hire. I’m actually quite looking forward to pulling it all together for him.

Home Improvement

Instead of having a holiday this year we have decided to spend our money on improving our home. We have a huge list to work through which is rather daunting so I’ve been coming up with little plans to break it down into bitesize chunks. This week I’ve been planning the small repairs that need doing before painting, I, of course, won’t be doing these repairs Chris will get that delightful job.

In Other News

The kids have been really excited this week about the fact that we could see the planet Venus bright and clear in the night sky. Their excitement led us to learn more about the different planets we would be able to see in February, I think I have two little astronomers in the making.

Daisy went to Young Voices this week, she came home very late but buzzing with excitement about the experience. I got out at the weekend and met up with fellow blogger and all-round lovely lady Tracey from The Williams World, we had a good old natter, coffee, and toast. Blogging can be quite lonely at times so being able to meet up or even chat with like-minded people online is really good for the soul.



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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Planning

  1. It sounds like despite not having a the best week with your bowel you have been so productive and come up with some great plans.
    I am looking forward to February, we have some plans too. I am so looking forward to the school holidays. My fella has some days off work so we’re going to have a couple of days out.
    I think Jake will be so happy with a party at home. There is so many Minecraft ideas on Pinterest and the bouncy castle sounds so cool. x

  2. You are so good at planning. I am inspired to break out my calendar and start planning for half term too. Jake’s birthday party plans are shaping up. Party planning is fun. I’ve looked at party venues and they do add up. I guess it is convenient though. A bouncy castle will be a hit. I’m always fascinated by books and plans that show you how to cook for less. Also love the creative side of managing it. Totally agree with you about meal planning. It saves so much money and stress. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

  3. I too have been planning and writing lists, it really helps when I feel overwhelmed by what I have to do. Birthday parties cost a fortune dont they? I think having a bouncy castle at home is a great idea, you can make so much for themed parties to make them cool. xx

  4. Planning is fun isn’t it? Sounds like Jake will have a fun birthday party in May – you’re much more organised than I am, I usually leave these things quite late to sort out! Good luck with all the home improvements. I love that your kids were excited about seeing Venus and that you have two budding astronomers on your hands. Sophie is starting to show an interest in the stars and planets too and it’s such a lovely thing to encourage. #WotW

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