January Monthly Round-Up {2020}

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Despite loving a fresh new year January is not my favourite month, it’s dark, wet and cold and getting back into a routine after the holidays is hellish. We’ve had a fairly mixed month with expensive things breaking, grumpy moods and extreme tiredness but like any other months, there have been good things too.

Although we haven’t ventured too far from home we’ve had a few nice days out to the park and the cinema and spent lots of time together which is the most important thing. January is finally over and it’s time for another monthly round-up.

January Monthly Round-Up

Monthly Round-Up


We started off the month with a visit to one of our favourite local parks, it was a lovely way to spend New Year’s day. The skies were so blue and the sun was so warm on our faces it was hard to believe it was winter.

Jake had fun at a science birthday party, he got to make slime and run around with all his friends from school. We had never heard of a science party before so that was a new experience for him.

On another sunny Sunday, we visited a different local park where Jake had great fun playing with fallen tree branches while Daisy climbed her way along the park’s trim trail.

We also went to the cinema to watch Spies In Disguise which was such a great family film with lots of laughs. Daisy had a little adventure of her own when she attended the Young Voices concert in Manchester with her classmates. She was buzzing with excitement when she came home, she got so much out of it.

Reading Monthly Round-Up

I haven’t read as many physical books as I had planned to in January but I have listened to lots of audiobooks. The month started off with The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell, I really enjoyed it, in fact, I’ve never read a book by this author that I didn’t like.

Another good read this month was Come Back For Me by Heidi Perks, this one had me gripped it was so good. I did start reading one of the Disney Twisted Tales books I have on my shelf but haven’t really got very far with it.

Reading monthly round-up

As for audiobooks, my love for the Peter James Roy Grace series continues and I’m quickly making my way through the books. I’m to book eleven now and I’m hooked, I never thought I would enjoy books in the police procedural genre but I really do. All in all, I’ve listened to five of the books in January, I also listened to one book on my free library app called No Further Questions by Gillian McAlister which was pretty good too.

As a family, we are still making our way through The Chritmasaurus and The Winter Witch before bedtime, the kids are getting to an age where they don’t always want a story read to them which is a little sad. They both love reading and at the moment I think they prefer solitary reading before they go to sleep.


There’s been so much good stuff on the TV this month so I’ve really gotten back into watching more things in the evening. I go through phases where I barely even switch the TV on but that’s definitely not been the case in January. We got a really good deal on Now TV so we’ve been watching lots of movies too including every single one of the Harry Potter movies. Here are some of the things we’ve watched and loved in January.

Dracula-BBC One

You 2-Netflix

Deadwater Fell-Channel 4

24 Hours In Police Custody-Channel 4

The Witcher-Netflix

Sex Education 2-Netflix

The Stranger-Netflix

999 What’s Your Emergency-Channel 4

Aladdin-Now TV

Avengers End Game-Now TV

Us-Now TV

Shazam-Now TV


Despite my best efforts, prizes have been thin on the ground this month but I did win four lots of family cinema tickets so I can’t complain too much.


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