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I don’t know whether it’s just my mood at the moment or the heat wave but this week has been an unproductive one. Apart from one morning when I sat at my desk and actually got things done the rest of this week has fallen flat. After feeling inspired and motivated at the start of the month towards the end I’ve felt unproductive and rather blah.

I have so many ideas and plans at the moment but I’m seriously lacking the motivation to action any of them. Summer always sees me at my most unproductive for some reason. The house and garden need some attention but I just can’t find the energy to give them any.

Jake hasn’t been quite himself lately. I’m not sure of he’s coming down with something or if he’s just not coping very well with the heat. I kept him off nursery on Wednesday and ended up bringing him back home on Thursday too. The to-do list was put on hold while I spent time snuggling with a poorly boy. The plus side was that I did manage to finish two books I had been reading.

Daisy has been having trouble sleeping due to the light nights and the heat. This is making for an incredibly grumpy girl in the mornings. She’s never really been a morning person but we are seeing a brand new level of morning hatred this week. Getting her to read her school book and do her homework has been a challenge which really isn’t like her at all.

The heat combined with hay fever and grumpy kids is no fun at all. It makes me want to climb into bed with a good book and stay there until Autumn arrives. I am just not cut out for the sunshine I suppose.

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11 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Unproductive

  1. Ah yes, a similar week to me. Like you, I found the upside of my poorly boy was that I read! I love the heat, though it has definitely led to lots of disturbed nights this week and then tired kids as they’ve struggled to sleep in it. I’m less productive in the sunshine as I just want to be outside all the time! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. “brand new level of morning hatred” made me laugh! my teenage son has been ridiculously grumpy first thing this week, I know teens are supposed to be like that but blimey! LOL!

  3. I think that although I am loving it the heat is affecting everybody. It is so light at night at the moments isnt it? I know what you mean, although I am getting my work done I have so many ideas I am not implementing I am sure the heat zapps motivation x

  4. So hot this week hasn’t it and it’s made me feel so lethargic too and the kids have also been really struggling with sleep can’t wait for it to cool down now x #wotw

  5. I’m not a huge fan of summer either, as well as the heat you’ve got all the neighbours making loads of noise in the garden, loud loud music almost constantly. I hope Jack and Daisy are feeling better soon, and you of course xx

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