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I couldn’t think of a word to sum this week up so I’m being typically British and I’m going to talk about the weather. We have been treated to a whole variety of different weather conditions this week. There have been some amazing sunny days when it felt like we had stepped into summer followed by torrential rain and storms.

The sun shone for the whole of the Easter weekend, it was hard to believe we were still in April. I think we definitely got a taste of summer. It was a little too hot at points in the day for the kids to play out but thankfully it was nice and cool inside our house. I chose the hottest weekend of the year so far to start with a nasty cold so I spent most of my time in bed feeling sorry for myself.

On Easter Sunday instead of a traditional roast dinner we had a barbecue in the garden. The bank holiday Monday was a little overcast but still nice and warm.

By the time the kids went back to school on Tuesday the forecast said rain was on its way. The kids were delighted on Wednesday evening when they heard a few rumbles of thunder. The heavens soon opened and we had a torrential downpour followed by flashes of lightning and claps of thunder. The kids stood at the open front door giddily watching the rain and waiting to hear more thunder. I remember doing the same at their age, I was fascinated by storms and frightened at the same time.

The rain, this time accompanied by wind arrived on Thursday. I got soaked on the school run on the way there then ended up taking my jacket off on the way home as the sun had come back out and it turned rather warm. The day pretty much continued like that, wet one moment dry and sunny the next.

The changeable weather has done wonders for the trees and plants though. Everywhere is looking so green and lush and I noticed that trees that were bare just a few weeks ago are now in full bloom. The lavender we planted last year has suddenly shot up and is looking very nice indeed.

There’s more rain forecast for the next couple of days but I’m hoping it eases off in time for Sunday. We have an exciting day out planned so I’m hoping that rain doesn’t stop our fun.

I’m linking up with Anne from Raisie Bay for Word of the Week.

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6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Weather

  1. It has been a few days of rain. I don’t think we’ve had it as bad as your area. No lightening. I don’t miss the school run showers. Love the idea of a bbq Easter meal. Not always the right weather for it, but lucky this year. You’re right about all the sudden growth. It really has come in over the last few days. Hope the weather is good for you on Sunday. Fingers crossed for you. #wotw

  2. It was such a lovely sunny weekend wasn’t it..lots of melted chocolate eggs 🙂 we had a bbq too. My kids took no notice of the storm, but I do love them, so long as I’m not outside of course. x

  3. The Easter weekend was lovely wasn’t it. Since then it hasn’t been so great here.
    We’ve had a couple of afternoons of rain and the kids got soaked on the way home from school one day. I want the sunshine back. x

  4. The weather is one of the few topics that is always interesting to talk about. I am typing this in the middle of a thunder, lightning and hail storm. Crazy spring!

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