Word of the Week-Friendship

This weeks word of the week is Friendship. We are almost at the end of the first week of the October half term school holiday and it’s been a busy one so far, we haven’t ventured far from home but we have kept ourselves busy with crafts, baking and visit’s from friends.word-of-theweekDaisy has been eagerly awaiting this break from school, not just because it falls over Halloween but because she knew her best little friend who had to go to a different school in September would be visiting.

I kept the actual day of the visit a secret from here so when there was a knock on the door yesterday afternoon you can imagine her delight when she saw who was on the other side of it.

During nursery they were inseparable and as we live close by we shared the school run route together too. The real big bonus is that I have also found friendship with the child’s mum so it was just as lovely for me to have them visit as well.

As you can imagine there was a lot of excitement and giddiness that afternoon but also lots of cuddles and you could see just how much they have missed each other. When it came time for them to leave there were sad faces but we will see each other again soon just before Christmas.

Watching there friendship grow has been just wonderful and I hope they will remain firm friends all the way through childhood.

I’m linking up with Jocelyn from the The Reading Residence for this weeks Word of the Week.

Have you made any friends through your children ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.angela




  1. October 28th 2016 / 8:31 AM

    Ah, that is so lovely! Glad you’ve had a good week and you both enjoyed your get together with friends x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. October 28th 2016 / 9:03 AM

    Oh how lovely that Daisy got to see her best friend and that they had such a lovely day together – and even better that you and the other mum have become friends too so it was a lovely day for both of you 🙂 #WotW

  3. Dean of Little Steps
    October 28th 2016 / 11:33 AM

    That’s so sweet. It’s nice that the kids managed to keep their friendship going in spite the other moving to another school 🙂 #wotw

    • October 30th 2016 / 8:55 PM

      I don’t know how long it will last but I hope it does x

  4. October 28th 2016 / 11:49 AM

    Aww! How wonderful! It sounds like a fab half term….
    The visit from your girls friend sounds just perfect x

  5. October 28th 2016 / 5:02 PM

    This is lovely Angela how wonderful! A has made friends with twins in his class and I’ve made friends with both parents so I’m really pleased too!

  6. October 30th 2016 / 11:21 PM

    Friendship and family are so very important. Lovely post to read Angela x

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