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After a hectic and busy few months both personally and work wise I decided this week to take some time off. I’ve had such a relaxed week and it’s been exactly what I needed. Relaxation isn’t something that comes naturally for me, I’m a do-er and I thrive on being busy.

This week has almost felt like an indulgence, I’ve been reading, catching up on Netflix shows and generally having a relaxed attitude. I usually ignore those niggling feelings of overwhelm and just try to push on so I’m very proud of myself for listening for once.

One of the biggest problem when you are self-employed is that you never really switch off. The problem is ten fold if you have a creative and busy mind. I had to force myself to switch off and put the blog to one side for a few days, it wasn’t an easy thing to do as I love what I do. It was definitely necessary though, there’s no way I could have relaxed if I hadn’t.

I feel refreshed and ready for the madness of the festive season to begin now. There are so many events, activities and dates to remember at school over the next two weeks. It’s also Daisy’s 6th birthday on Sunday which involves a party with her friends from school. Although it will be a crazy busy weekend I’m so looking forward to celebrating with her.

I’m ready to get back into the swing of things although maybe with a more balanced attitude.

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7 thoughts on “Word Of The Week-Relaxed

  1. Sometimes it is good for the soul to just relax, especially this time of year when it gets so manic have a good week weekend X #wotw

  2. How lovely, it’s nice to re-charge. I know it sounds weird but I like to think of my hospital treatments as my relaxing weeks. I have to sit for hours on end on the hospital ward having my infusions. The internet is rubbish in there so I switch off, grab my book or my crochet and just chill out. Of course there is the travelling to and from hospital and the side effects to deal with, but everything is done for me at home and I try to not to worry or stress about anything. I’m glad you are now feeling relaxed and refreshed for Christmas. x

  3. Angela do you know I am not sure I know how to fully relax, its my own fault my find is so overactive that if I have a minute I am twiddling my thumbs and looking for things to do. And I definitely have some sort of addiction to finding a new project of adventure so end up overbooking myself all the time, Chris goes mad at me I double book all the time, my friends are used to it. Dont get me wrong I am so lucky and love my life, but I really do need to take a leaf out of your book every now and then and just chill ! Watch a film, and have a chill day. x

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