How To Make Money Taking Online Surveys

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It’s no secret that I love making money from home, who doesn’t? One of the easiest ways to make money online is by completing surveys. I really do believe that everyone, no matter how busy they are, has the ability to earn some money on the side. Every single day I squeeze in a little money-making between the school run, cleaning the house, and all the other life admin. Being able to afford a holiday, a lovely day out or pay some extra towards the credit card makes the time and effort worthwhile.

How To Make Money Taking Online Surveys


Some people might scoff and think earning a few pounds here or there is simply not worth their time. To me those few pounds that I can earn in the time I do have, soon add up. They make a huge difference in our family budget and quality of life.

There are lots of survey and market research companies out there, all willing to compensate you for your time and opinion. If you love giving your opinion and are interested in market research then surveys are definitely for you.

Some survey sites can be quite low paid. Once you get into your stride with them you can soon eliminate the lower-paying ones in favour of the well-paid ones. When I first started completing surveys I signed up to lots of different companies to get as much experience as I could. It didn’t take me long to figure out which ones were worth my time.

The best thing about earning from surveys is that you get out what you put in. On a slow month when I don’t have a lot of time I can still earn between £30-£50. I also know people who regularly earn between £200-£300 per month.

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Some survey websites pay cash while others compensate in vouchers or credit. I usually save up any vouchers I receive and pay for birthday or Christmas gifts with them. Sometimes you will also be sent a product to test at home as part of the survey. I’ve been sent perfume, chocolate, and alcohol to test after completing a survey, which was a lovely added bonus.

Tips For Making Money Online With Surveys

  • Set up a dedicated email address when signing up to survey sites. You will get a lot of emails once you start taking surveys online and you don’t want to miss a lucrative one in among your usual emails.


  • Make sure you fill in the profiles completely. Your demographics are important when it comes to being chosen to take surveys so don’t miss out because of an incomplete profile.


  • Read all the instructions of the survey carefully. Many surveys include attention check questions, get this wrong and you could be disqualified and lose any payment due for the whole survey.


  • Take your time and give thoughtful answers. Don’t race through the survey, some are timed so they can tell if you have rushed.


  • Set up a spreadsheet so you can see how long each site is taking you to reach the cash out level. This way you can start eliminating the time stealers.


  • Regularly update your profile to include any changes in your circumstances this will help avoid screenouts and also might mean you are eligible for even more surveys in the future.

If you are interested in making money from taking surveys then I’ve included links to some of my favourite sites below for you. I regularly make money each month from the following websites.

Prolific Academic 

Ipsos iSay


Pinecone Research (recruit through banners several times a year so keep your eyes peeled)

One Poll (get £2.50 just for joining up)

Populus Live

New Vista 




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