Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review

Daisy has a few baby dolls in her collection of toys, she loves to play ‘mummy’ with them. Recently we were sent the new Baby Annabell Interactive doll for her to review. I knew Daisy would be delighted with this doll, it has lots of new features making it even more lifelike.

The new Baby Annabell Interactive doll features realistic sounds and movements just like a real baby.

  • She babbles and gurgles.
  • Sucks on her dummy and bottle.
  • Wets her nappy and uses the potty.
  • She cries real tears, burps and yawns.
  • Responds to touch and movement.
  • She falls to sleep and gently snores.

The doll comes dressed in a beautiful soft velour pink all-in-one with a cute little cap. She also comes with her bottle, a dummy, one nappy, a bib and a cute pendant. The doll requires 4 AA batteries which are not included.

It’s fair to say that Daisy loved this doll right from the start, she was fascinated buy the sounds of movement of Baby Annabell’s mouth when she had her dummy or bottle in.

I think the doll was the perfect size for Daisy, she felt much more like a real baby would than other dolls that we have.

Daisy loved pretending to feed her dolly and then changing her nappy afterwards. I think we will definitely need to buy some extra nappies and the potty to make the most of this feature.

I asked Daisy what her favourite thing was about Baby Annabell and she said it was how soft her clothes felt and that she moved her mouth and closed her eyes when she had her dummy in. Her least favourite thing was when she cried and I have to agree with her of course.

The new Baby Annabell Interactive Doll is available now from all good retailers and with an RRP of £54.99.

*We were sent the doll free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*

*This post contains an affiliate link*



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