Building A Cosy Indoor Blanket Fort With Time4Sleep

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The bed and furniture company Time4Sleep is aiming to build the biggest blanket fort this August. The event takes place in Leeds on August 29th with the company hoping to break the current world record. Time4Sleep challenged us to build our own blanket fort at home using a box of goodies they sent to us.

Building forts and dens at home is something we do regularly especially during the school holidays so we were up for the challenge. The kids love making dens in their bedrooms, in the garden, even in the kitchen under the table. The more creative they are allowed to be the happier they are. It’s also a great frugal low-cost activity to do with the kids too.

With the unpredictable weather we’ve had this summer we decided to build a fort in our living room so that on rainy days the kids could enjoy watching a movie or reading inside it.

How We Made Our Blanket Fort

  • Bamboo canes, we picked these up cheaply from a DIY store and used them as the frame for our fort.
  • Thick string to secure the canes together in a teepee shape.
  • 2 fitted single sheets, these fit snugly over the ends of the canes to create the fort walls.
  • Pillows and blankets to make the fort extra cosy inside.
  • Bunting and battery-operated lights to decorate the outside of the fort.
  • Wooden pegs to secure the bunting and lights.

The kids had a great time building the fort with a little help from daddy of course, just for the tricky bits mind. Once the frame and walls were up the kids were free to decorate it inside and out exactly as they liked.

We built the fort just in time for a week of rain and wind, the kids enjoyed watching a few movies inside on the iPad while they munched on freshly popped popcorn. They made themselves nice and comfy by raiding our sofa for cushions and throws.

The fort made a great reading nook too, throughout the week lots of books were enjoyed inside. I’m seriously considering building myself an adult-sized fort to disappear into with my books when the long summer holidays get a little too much.

We had a great time building our fort, the kids loved the challenge and of course, they loved playing, relaxing and eating yummy snacks in it too. The only limitation when it comes to building a fort is your imagination.

Why not join in with the challenge and build a blanket fort of your own.

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