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It’s been a funny old week, one with an unexpected diagnosis that I’m still trying to get my head around. Talking about toilet habits and bums is embarrassing but I feel like it’s something I need to write about. For the past few years, I’ve had some digestive issues that have gradually gotten worse. I had been to see the GP a couple of times but my symptoms were always put down to the diabetic medication I take or simple hemorrhoids. My health has gradually gotten worse this year so I decided to go back to the GP who finally referred me to endoscopy for further investigation but she assured me she thought it was nothing serious.

Having to have any sort of procedure that involves a camera up your bum isn’t pleasant but I knew it was necessary. I might at some point in the future talk about my experience just so others know what to expect from the procedure but for now, I want to write about findings that were totally unexpected.

The doctor spotted the problem straight away, I have Ulcerative Colitis, it still feels weird to say that out loud. Ulcerative Colitis is a long term condition where the colon and rectum become inflamed, small ulcers develop on the colon’s lining. It’s one of the two main forms of inflammatory bowel disease and unfortunately, there isn’t a cure or a clear answer as to why it develops.

In a way, I’m relieved to finally have an answer and a name to put to what I’ve been experiencing but in another way, it’s actually quite daunting. I will soon see a consultant who will hopefully answer any questions I have and give me some medication to ease the symptoms I’ve been experiencing.

Although the diagnosis was unexpected I’ve known for years that something wasn’t quite right. I’m just glad I finally have an answer and can now get on with learning how to live with the condition. I urge anyone suffering from similar issues to mine to get it checked out, yes it’s scary but living with an undiagnosed illness is scarier.

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18 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Unexpected

  1. I’m sorry that you’ve been struggling with digestive issues but glad that you finally have a diagnosis and hopefully the medication will help ease things. I had heard of ulcerative colitis before but didn’t know much about it other than the name. So important to be open about things like this though and raise awareness – it’s something that many of us feel uncomfortable discussing and avoid getting checked out if needed. Talking about it may help someone else get any concerns checked out x #WotW

    1. Thanks, Lousie I really wasn’t sure whether to write about it but felt like I needed to. It is such an uncomfortable topic but a really important one too, I will definitely try to raise awareness more now x

  2. That really is a tough one … on the one hand, finally, a diagnosis, and then, you are not given any definitive cure, or even treatment. I do hope you are at least in a position to learn more and find ways of coping. Good luck. #WotW

  3. I’m sorry about your news.
    It’s good to have a diagnosis but rubbish that there isn’t a cure. I hope you get to see the consultant soon to get some medication to help. x

  4. Putting a name to it must have helped enormously, although doesn’t take the worry away, of course. I’ve not heard of this condition before and I hope your consultant can answer all your questions. Hats off to you for sharing your unexpected results, which cannot have been easy. #wotw

  5. Oh, no! I am so sorry to hear about the ulcerative colitis! My nephew has that and has been on medication and a restricted diet for years. At least now you have a diagnosis and can hopefully get some relief!

  6. Crikey – I bet that really was a surprise. It’s something I know nothing about, but I’m glad their are medicines that should ease your symptoms. Fingers crossed they act quickly and very soon you can barely remember what you were like right now xx

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