Celebrating Crisp Sarnie Week With Seabrook Crisps #crispsarnieweek

When I was growing up a crisp butty was a regular snack in our house, our budget was tight and ready salted crisps and a loaf of bread were cheap, we would occasionally spice things up by adding a splash of vinegar to the bag of ready salted, us kids thought that was amazing.

Since becoming an adult I have indulged in the humble crisp sarnie less and less, but when I saw that Seabrook were celebrating crisp sarnie week I thought I would get involved and create a more sophisticated creation than my childhood palette was used to.

Mature Cheddar, Beef Seabrook Crisps & Wholegrain Mustard Sandwich

I used a cheese flavoured ciabatta roll, I spread a generous amount of wholegrain mustard on the bottom of the roll, next came the slices of mature cheddar followed but a very generous handful of Beef flavour Seabrook crisps for extra crunch.

The end result was delicious and it’s given me the motivation to try some different crisp sarnie creations in future.

Do you like crisp sarnies ? what weird and wonderful things to you use on a crisp sarnie ? leave me a comment below.

Angela x

* This recipe is an entry into the National Crisp Sarnie Week competition with Seabrook crisps *


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