Digital Fairy Tales With Plusnet’s Once Upon A Time Online

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I like to think that our house runs on fun, laughter and fairy tales, it also runs a lot more smoothly if the kids are allowed some time out on their tablets. There’s no escaping the fact that our kids are growing up in the digital age and I don’t necessarily believe it’s an entirely bad thing. Digital life is here to stay so we are fully embracing screen time and using it for learning, development and more importantly shared family time.

Plusnet has teamed up with Larry Lamb to re-imagine three classic fairy tales for the digital generation. The series has been developed for children under 10 to show how technology is a good thing. Parents and kids can enjoy shared storytime in the digital world together.

Larry lamb has given Cinderella, jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood a 2019 update and they are lots of fun for both parents and kids to watch together. You can watch Larry reading with your family at

After watching Once Upon a Time Online and reading some classic fairy tales we were inspired to create our own digital fairy tales. We chose Rumplestilskin and quickly got to work brainstorming ideas of how we could tell the tale with a modern twist. Once we were happy with our retelling the kids, with a little help from Daddy drew and coloured in some of the characters we would need to tell the story.

We decided to make a puppet theatre and bring our updated story of Rumplestilskin to life. Once our characters were cut out and made into puppets we had so much fun acting the story out. Daisy and Jake were the puppeteers, Mummy was the narrator and Daddy played cameraman and props manager, it was a real team effort.

Here’s a digital fairy tales video we put together to tell you the tale of Rumplestilskin with a modern twist, I hope you enjoy it.

Rumplestiltskin With A Modern Twist

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