Festive Baking With Num Noms Series 4 {Review}

I’ve written before about Daisy’s love for Num Noms, she has quite the impressive collection and will often spend her pocket-money on them. She was recently sent some of the new series 4.2 mystery packs along with a Christmas stocking and jar full of delicious ingredients to bake some festive cookies.

Num Noms Num Noms

The new Num Noms series 4.2 mystery packs contain one scented Num in a variety of flavours and one Nom with scented nail polish or flavoured glitter lip gloss. The mystery packs retail at £3.99 and are available now from all good toy retailers. See the Num Noms website for more information and stockists.

Daisy couldn’t wait to see what was inside each of the mystery packs. This new series come in cute little fro-yo pots. I love how each series comes in a different type of food packaging. Daisy loves nail polish and lip gloss so was extra excited to find some new colours and scents inside.

The Num Noms mystery packs make perfect stocking filler presents. I know Daisy will be hoping to find some more in her stocking on Christmas morning

Once all the mystery packs were open it was time to turn our attention to some yummy baking. Cookies are Santa’s favourite snack so they are the perfect thing to bake for the festive season.

Daisy added butter and egg to her cookie mixture and gave it a good stir. She loves baking it’s one her favourite things to do. While we waited for the cookie dough to chill in the fridge we guessed which scent the Num Noms were. Daisy is really good at this game, she loves to check the collectors menu to see if she has guessed correctly.

Baking the cookies made the whole house smell delicious. We got so carried away playing with the new Num Noms that we over baked them. They still tasted delicious though and it was good practice for baking some more ready to leave for Santa on Christmas eve.

Disclosure: We were sent the Num Noms series 4.2 mystery packs free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


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