Frightful Fun With Feisty Pets {Review}

If ever there was a toy that matched my kids personality then it has to Feisty Pets from Jazwares. Feisty Pets look super cute and adorable, just ready to be hugged but squeeze the back of their heads and unleash their inner demon. Daisy and Jake were excited when some Feisty Pets arrived for them to review. With Halloween on the horizon these frightening critters are the perfect toy to add to the celebrations.

Feisty Pets cat and bear in a box

Jake chose Princess Pottymouth, she looks like a cute kitty but watch out she might just bite ! She likes pranking and sleeping up but dislikes fairies, Valentine’s day and people. With those big blue eyes you can’t help but want to pet her, be cautious though she’s prone to sudden mood changes.

Daisy chose Sir Growls-A-Lot, an adorable fuzzy bear but disturb his sleep and you will feel his wrath. He might look like a friendly grizzly bear but give him a squeeze to release his feisty nature. He likes trash cans, raw meat and hibernating but dislikes being woken up, loud noises and jail food.

I love that each of the Feisty Pets have a personality of their own.

kids making fierce faces with feisty pets

The kids had so much fun with their Feisty Pets, they couldn’t resist copying the pets ferocious faces. I’m not sure who was more frightening, the pets or my kids !

scary faces kids feisty pets toys

girl with glasses looking at feisty pets scary face

In the spirit of Halloween we decided to paint the kids faces to match the pets. The kids loved making fierce faces and exploring their feisty sides.

young girl face paint like a feisty pet

young boy with feisty pet face painted

kids with face painted like feisty pet toys

After a frightfully fun day with the Feisty Pets the kids took their pets to bed for some cautious cuddles. I don’t think any bad dreams dare creep in during the night, not with those pets around.

What We Loved About Feisty Pets

  • How easy the head is to squeeze for little hands
  • The pets feisty expressions
  • Their doe-eyed look
  • How soft the fur is on the pets
  • That they don’t require batteries
  • The range of pets available to choose from

Feisty Pets are available to buy from Smyths, Argos, The Entertainer, and all other good toy retailers.

Disclosure: We were sent the Feisty Pets free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links see our disclosure policy for more information.


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