Fun Family Games From Paladone {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the games from Paladone free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links see our disclosure policy for more information.

The summer holidays are finally here and parents all over the country are anxiously planning how to keep the kids entertained for six whole weeks. As we can’t rely on the great British weather we need to plan lots of fun indoor things to keep our kids occupied as a backup. One of our favourite things to do indoors as a family is to play games together, we love a challenge and a little friendly competition. Paladone recently sent us some of their fantastic novelty games that are perfect for the whole family to play.

Paladone designs and sells gifts, gadgets, movie merchandise, toys, and gaming collectibles. There’s something for everyone on their website, it’s packed with fun novelty gifts, gadgets, fun and games.

We were sent the Twister Picnic Blanket, Stacking Squirrels and Posing Pandas to have some fun with.

Twister Picnic Blanket

We loved this twist on the retro game Twister, not only is this a stylish picnic blanket it doubles as a fun game too. The blanket itself is made from soft fleece with a waterproof backing designed for outdoor use. The blanket comes with a miniature spinner key-ring so you can play a classic game of Twister where ever you go.

We had some fun in the garden with this game, Daisy and Jake got themselves in a right tangle. They loved taking it turns to spin the key-ring too. It brought back so many good childhood memories for me shouting out ‘right foot on the red’ and ‘left hand on the green’ it’s a real nostalgic trip down memory lane.

This picnic blanket will definitely be coming with us on our adventures over the summer.

Stacking Squirrels

This fun game is a real boredom buster and a game of skill. It comes with six squirrel shaped erasers and a big acorn to balance them all on.

We all took it in turns trying to stack these pecky critters it’s certainly no easy task. There were lots of giggles and also some shouts of frustration when the squirrels toppled off.

The squirrels and acorn are fully usable erasers so one we have mastered the stacking the kids can use them at school.

Posing Pandas

In this fun game, the pandas are the dice and you score points for rolling different combinations. It’s a great little compact game that can be played at home or taken on your travels with you.

The game comes with five pandas, a score pad and a pencil. We had a lot of fun with this game and it was a great way for the kids to practice their counting skills. Rolling pandas is a lot more fun than rolling dice that’s for sure.

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