Five Frugal Things For July {2019}

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After a little break, I’m back sharing five frugal things we’ve done this month to both save and make money. It’s been a few months since my last frugal things post but that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking when it comes to saving money.

I’ve recently refound my passion for all things money-saving and money-making, I’m really enjoying thinking outside the box to stretch our budget as far as possible. I’m also looking forward to sharing lots more money related blog posts with you all soon.

Here are my five frugal things for July.

  • Our quest to reduce our food waste continues and this month I joined the food sharing app, Olio. The app connects people together to share surplus food so nothing is wasted. I’ve already successfully given away items that would have otherwise gone in the bin. I haven’t collected anything yet as there aren’t a lot of active members in my area but I check the app every day and enjoy reading the forum which is full of great advice and tips about reducing food waste.


  • Staying on the same topic of reducing waste, I’ve been really trying to reduce our single-use plastic purchases which in turn has helped us to save money as well as the planet. I’ve stopped buying bottled water and started drinking tap water, I’ve swapped liquid soap for a bar of old fashioned soap and I’m buying loose fruit and vegetables. All these things have either saved us money or reduced our costs. We have a long way to go still but we have made a start and that’s what matters.


  • The kid’s school gets a lot of second-hand uniforms donated for them so they have been holding a uniform swap for the month of July.  I picked up a lightly used jumper and some school pants for Jake and some summer dresses for Daisy all for free. This has saved me some money on buying brand new uniform for September. I’ve also made a list of exactly what we need to buy for the new school year so I won’t be tempted to overspend.


  • I’ve signed up to a few more survey sites that I’ve heard good things about. I joined Respondent where you can take part in paid market research projects, most are quite high paying too. I’ve already taken part in a task that took me less than an hour and I got paid $30, click here to browse the projects and sign up. Some others I’ve recently signed up to are Panelbase and Crowdology which have a good amount of surveys available along with paid product testing. I have a post with some tips on how to get started making money with online surveys if it’s something you fancy doing too.


  • I’ve been making the most of the lovely weather and hanging lots of washing on the line to dry.  The tumble drier is now redundant for the rest of the summer. This time of year is perfect for reducing energy costs, you don’t need to switch the lights on as often, you can hang your washing out and spending time outside more means your not using those energy-guzzling gadgets like the tv or games consoles.

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