Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp ‘N’ Slime Goo Drop {Review}

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Slime, goop and gloop we love it all here at the Webster’s, well the kids certainly do so when Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp ‘n’ Slime Goo Drop was beamed to us from Character Toys we were really excited.

With the Slurp ‘n’ Slime Goo Drop Pack you can create your own custom Galaxy Slime and reGOOvinate the Goo DRop character doll Bowie Beamheart by filling up her belly! Bowie Beamheart is an adorable rainbow-themed Goo Drop alien from the planet Goopiter, she’s come crashing to earth in her planet-ship box which contains everything you need to make custom glitter slime. You can make Bowie Beamheart feel right at home by mixing up some galaxy goo and filling her tummy up.

Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp ‘n’ Slime Goo Drop Review

Bowie Beamheart comes in a fantastic planet-ship themed packaging which I think adds to the magic of the toy. Inside the box you will find:

1 x Large Goo Drop Doll

1 x Candy Comet

1 x Goo Drop Stand 

1 x Bowl

1 x Whisk

1 x Reegoovinator

5 x Glitter Fills

2 x Slime Sachets

1 x Glitter Seal Sheets

1 x Passport

The kids thought that Bowie Beamheart was gorgeous with her beautiful rainbow bows, amazing eyes, and a super squishy body. The set comes with enough sachets to make two different lots of slime so the kids took in in turns choosing which glitter fills they wanted to add. I was really impressed with the choice of glitter fills and that you can reseal them so you don’t need to use them all at once.

Once we had attached the Goo Drop doll to the stand we filled the bowl with water, there’s a handy fill line so you know exactly how much water to add. Next, we added one of the slime sachets and used the whisk to mix it into the water, this part can get a little messy so I advise stirring slowly and using a splash mat underneath.

Once we had a nice smooth consistency we added our choice of glitter fills, both Daisy and Jake wanted to add a mixture of the fills to give the goo an extra-cosmic sparkle. Our goo had a perfect consistency but if it does get too thick there are a few handy tips in the passport (instruction booklet).


Now for the fun part! Using the reegoovinator (syringe) we began to fill up the doll by placing it in her mouth, this made such a funny slurping noise that made the kids laugh a lot. We did find filling the syringe a slow process so Daisy had a really good idea to use a spoon to fill the syringe instead, this worked well and sped everything up for us.

Once Bowie Bowheart’s belly was full of galactic good Daisy popped the Candy Comet into her mouth to secure the goo inside. We all had fun giving her a good squish and watching the goo move about inside her before removing the Candy Comet and squishing her to make her do a ‘Comet Vomit’. The kids thought this part was hilarious, again the slurping and squishing noises added to the fun.

Before Jake took his turn I cleaned the body of the doll out which was really easy to do much to my surprise. You simply screw the dolls head off and rinse out the body with water and allow it to air before refilling with goo again.


The kids and I had so much fun making the goo and filling up the doll’s belly, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the goo is to make and how easy everything was to clean up afterward.

What We Loved About Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp ‘n’ Slime Goo Drop

  • That you can make your own custom glitter slime
  • The choice of glitter fills included
  • How easy the slime is to make
  • The adorable Goo Drop doll Bowie Beamheart
  • Squishing the cosmic goo around in the doll’s belly
  • Making the doll do a ‘Comet Vomit’ to get the slime out

Where You Can Buy Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp ‘n’ Slime Goo Drop

Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp ‘n’ Slime is suitable for ages 5+ and is available to buy from:



If you would like the chance to win Goo Goo Galaxy prizes click on this link-


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