Half Term Creative Play With Milly & Flynn {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the Milly & Flynn creative products free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links to see our disclosure policy for more information.

There’s one thing you can guarantee during the October half term, the weather will be rubbish and with that in mind, it’s a good idea to plan some boredom-busting activities for the kids to do inside. Milly & Flynn have a great range of creative toys, games, and books and they very kindly sent us a box of goodies to keep us entertained over the half-term holiday.

Inside our box, we found a Puzzle & Grow Farm, two 3D Foam Puzzles and a Cake In A Mug cup plenty to keep my creative two happy on a rainy Saturday.


Puzzle & Grow Farm Review

Puzzle & Grow brand new from Milly & Flynn are amazing 3D puzzles kits that are perfect for budding gardeners. Green-fingered boys and girls can build, plant and grow their very own miniature model. The Puzzle & Grow sets are an ideal introduction to gardening for kids and include a 3D puzzle, planting tray, assembly tool, watering bottle, planting diary, instructions and two packets of seeds. Available in 3D Farm, Windmill and Treehouse.

We received the Farm kit and quickly got to work assembling it, Daisy began by pushing out the individual puzzle pieces from the template, the assembly tool including is really handy for this and it made the task easier for small hands. Following the instructions is easy and straight forward and each of the puzzle pieces is numbered making it easy to see where they need to be placed on the base of the puzzle.

Daisy did need a little help with assembly but there were lots of parts she could build by herself. The puzzle pieces are made from good quality, thick cardboard so we didn’t need to worry about damaging any of the parts during assembly.

Once the 3D model farm was complete it was time to plant the little garden. The set comes with a planting tray, seeds, and a watering bottle but you do need to use your own compost, soil or cotton wool. We used cotton wool to plant our garden as that’s what we had on hand.

Jake carefully sprinkled the seeds and watered them, we are now waiting for them to grow which is really exciting. I think the 3D farm looks amazing and it fits perfectly on our kitchen windowsill where it’s nice and bright and the kids can watch the seeds grow. Daisy is also making use of the planting diary to track the growth of the seeds.

What We Loved About Puzzle & Grow  

  • The quality of the cardboard
  • That the puzzle pieces are numbered to make assembly easier
  • How lovely and colourful the model is once built
  • That you can watch the seeds grow
  • Filling in the planting diary to monitor the seeds progress

Where You Can Buy Puzzle & Grow Kits

Puzzle & Grow is suitable for ages 5+ and is available to buy from:


3D Foam Puzzles Review

3D Foam Puzzles from Milly & Flynn are a perfect introduction to construction play, these animal-themed packs are easy to build without the need for glue or special tools. They encourage creativity as well as hand-eye coordination and shape recognition and there are five creatures to collect including a lion, elephant, giraffe, crocodile, and panda.

Daisy and Jake got a panda and a lion and each chose which one they wanted to build. They soon got to work popping out the pieces from the template, the pieces are made from tough foam and the kids did need a little help getting some of the pieces loose.

Once all the pieces are popped out you simply follow the simple step by step instructions on the box to build your animal. The pieces slot together easily to create a 3D effect animal and they look super cool. We did need to help the kids with some tricker parts but it was a great activity to do together, the kids really liked following the instructions and figuring which part slotted where on the animals.

I think the lion and the panda both turned out brilliantly, the kids spent ages playing with them before taking them upstairs to sit proudly on their shelves.

What We Loved About 3D Foam Puzzles 

  • How easy they are to slot together
  • That there are a range of animals available
  • The easy to follow instructions on the back of the box
  • That they make great room decorations

Where You Can Buy 3D Foam Puzzles

3D Foam Puzzles are suitable for ages 5+ and are available to buy from:


Cake In A Mug 

There’s no need for weighing scales, baking tins or oven gloves with The Cake In A Mug, mug from Ginger fox. This handy mug has all the instructions printed on for making a chocolate cake in just 3 minutes. There are also handy measurement indicators printed inside the mug so you don’t even need to weigh the ingredients.

The Cake In A Mug is available from Amazon and is perfect for parents who need a sweet treat after a day’s creative endeavors with the kids.




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