Hawkin’s Bazaar Kids Pre-Stuffed Christmas Stockings {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the Hawkin’s Bazaar Pre-Stuffed Christmas Stockings free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links to see our disclosure policy for more information.

Does your family have any special Christmas traditions that you always follow every single year without fail? We have a few and one of the top ones is a Christmas stocking for everyone full of fun novelty items. Thinking of gifts to put inside can be tricky and time-consuming, the cost can also add up if you are like me and forget what you have already bought. Hawkin’s Bazaar might just have the solution to your problem with their Pre-Stuffed Christmas Stockings, they have done all the hard work for you.

Hawkin’s Bazaar sell gifts and presents for all occasions and their Pre-Stuffed Christmas Stockings are packed full of fun little stocking fillers and gifts carefully picked with the gender and specific age group in mind. There is a range of stockings to choose from including adults, teens, kids over 8 years old and kids over 3 years old. The pre-stuffed stocking cost £25 but the contents are valued at over £50 which is a fantastic bargain in my opinion.

Hawkin’s Bazaar Pre-Stuffed Christmas Stockings Review 

We were sent two of the pre-stuffed stockings from Hawkin’s Bazaar, I chose a girls 8+ and a boys 3+ to suit the ages of my two youngest kids. I don’t usually specifically choose boys and girls specific items as my kids are pretty gender-neutral when it comes to choosing toys and gifts but looking at what’s inside the stockings I think Hawkin’s Bazaar has done a great job of including a diverse range of non-gender specific stocking fillers.

I love that the stocking itself is a traditional red one with white trim, it’s perfect for hanging up, putting under the Christmas tree or for Santa to leave at the foot of the bed. I love that there’s no wrapping to be done, you simply put the stocking out on Christmas eve and enjoy seeing the surprised look on the kids faces on Christmas morning.

Girl’s Stocking 8+

Here’s a peek at what I found inside the Girl’s Stocking 8+, the contents can vary so keep that in mind if you do want to order one. I love the surprise element of Christmas stockings, it was one of the highlights of Christmas for me as a child, although we had pillowcases instead of fancy stockings back in the day.

Here’s what we found inside:

  • Create Your Own Slime Bath
  • Scentos Scented Coloured Pencils
  • Make Your Own Fruit Scented Slime
  • Flamingo Pen
  • Squishy Meshball 
  • Flashing Finger Spies
  • Mermaid Glitter Baton
  • Unicorn Flashing Ring
  • Squidgies
  • Unicorn Finger Puppets
  • Unicorn Flashing Keyring
  • Loom Bracelet Kit
  • Growing Hatching Unicorn
  • Squidgy Bear
  • Mermaid Magic Putty

Boy’s Stocking 3+

With Jake being 5 I did wonder if this the Boy’s Stocking 3+ would contain things that might be a little too young for him but I needn’t have worried at all. The stocking contains a great selection of gifts that I know he will absolutely love, I particularly like the frog umbrella, the boing ball, and the Scentos markers.

Here’s what we found inside:

  • Frog Umbrella
  • Squidgies
  • Boing Ball
  • Die-Cast Tractor
  • Scentos Fruit Scented Markers
  • Pop Turtle
  • Water Warbler
  • Puzzle Bubbles
  • Flashing Finger Spies
  • Safari Finger Friends
  • Shape & Sound Sensory Ball
  • Rubber Duck Bath Gel
  • Glow In The Dark Poly Glider
  • Sealife Bath Gel
  • Magic Sketcher

What We Loved About Hawkin’s Bazaar Pre-Stuffed Christmas Stockings 

  • The traditional red stocking the gifts come in
  • How many stocking fillers are included
  • The convenience that everything is already done for you
  • The quality of the gifts included
  • That it saves me time hunting around for stocking fillers


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