I’m a Spontex Real Cleaner

Earlier this year I spotted on their Facebook page that Spontex were recruiting for their ‘Real Cleaners’ panel for 2014, I couldn’t resist filling in the application form, although I imagined my chances would be slim as lots of people apply every year.

I was delighted when they contacted me to say I had been chosen to take part, Spontex are going to send me products throughout the year to try out and share my opinion with them and their Facebook fans, I thought I would review them on my blog as well.

I am one of those people who has to have a clean house, I don’t mind a little mess but I can’t stand a dirty bathroom or kitchen, I’m always looking for new ways to make my cleaning routine more efficient especially now I’m time restricted with having Daisy and of course the new baby who will be here soon.

One of the things about Spontex products is that you don’t always need to use a detergent or cleaning solution alongside them which I think is great as this makes them a great money saving tool.

Last week my first delivery from Spontex arrived, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and try the new products out.

I was most excited about trying out this Microfibre Bathroom cloth, my bathroom upstairs drives me nuts as it seems to be the dustiest room in my house, a few hours after cleaning it you can go in and find a layer of dust has already settled again and I had been thinking about getting a cloth to leave upstairs so this arrived just at the right time.

We also get terrible watermarks due to living in a hard water area so I was impressed to see that the cloth has a special non-scratch scrubbing corner to remove grime and dirt from the harder to reach places like around the taps.

I’ve been using the cloth every morning for a week now, I’m very impressed as it’s keeping the dust and dirt away in between cleaning. I’m storing it in my bathroom cabinet when I’m not using it.

Another new product from Spontex are these Microfibre Digital cleaning cloths, they are designed for removing fingerprints or smudges from glasses, smart phones, tablets or any other high tech equipment you might have.
I have been using them for cleaning my laptop screen and have put one in my handbag for cleaning my phone screen on the go, they are pocket sized too so ideal to carry about with you.

These limited edition gloves don’t just look pretty they also extra long cuffs which is great for me, I don’t wash up without gloves as I like my water scorching hot and I’m forever getting water inside my gloves, these cuffs are preventing that, I never would have thought of buying them so it’s great to be able to try them out.

I hope you have enjoyed my little review, I look forward to seeing what else my year as a Spontex Real Cleaner brings, look out for me appearing soon on the Spontex Facebook page.

As a little side note there is a great little photo effort competition running on the Facebook page, each week they are giving away 10 of their new mops, you need to upload a photo of your sorry looking old mop to win. Best of luck if you do enter.

Angela x



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