It’s A Long Way To The Moon {Book Review}

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It’s A Long Way To The Moon is a heart-warming, comforting and rhyming picture book for children written by Chris Tetreault-Blay and illustrated by Greg Carter. It tells the tale of a little moth who wants to fly to the moon. Along the way, he meets some animals who try to help him achieve his dream.

The author Chris Tetreault-Blay says his goal was to write something fun, engaging but with the comfort and innocence that children crave. He wanted to take children’s literature back to a more traditional era, where stories were used to soothe children and expand their horizons.

It’s A Long Way To The Moon Book Review

It’s A Long Way To The Moon made a lovely addition to our bedtime reading collection, the kids really enjoyed listening to this rhyming tale of a sweet little moth who falls in love with the prettiness of the moonlight. He tries his best to reach the moon but just can’t seem to make it.

Along the way, he meets a greedy toad who mocks him, a giraffe who helps him and a wise owl who teaches him that there is a much simpler way to reach his dream.

We really liked the texture of the illustrations and the lovely moral to the story. The kids also really liked the characters in the book especially the little brown moth and the moon.

It’s A Long Way To The Moon is published by Cranthorpe Millner and is available to buy now from Amazon

For more information and to follow the author online:

Official website:

Twitter – @TetreaultBlay

Instagram – author.tetraultblay

Facebook – @LittleBrownMoth and @ChrisTetreaultBlay




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