Orang-U-Twang Game {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the Orang-U-Twang game free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links please see our disclosure policy for more information.

One of our favourite things to do after school and on a weekend is to play games as a family, as much as we love all the old traditional board games we also really love discovering new fun games to play. Interplay sent us one of their fun new game Orang-U-Twang to review.

Orang-U-Twang is super fun, suspenseful and totally wild, each player takes a turn hanging fruit and jungle friends on the Orangutan. Watch out though, at some point he will be holding too much, things will get wild and he will send the fruit and friends flying.

Orang-U-Twang Review

The game includes everything you will need to play, including palm trees and vine, an Orangutan,  14 hanging pieces, and a die. The game requires some assembly but this is really easy to do, it’s also easy to take apart afterward to put back in the box.

To decide who goes first the instructions suggest each player says “banana” five times as fast as they can without messing up, whoever does this gets to go first. We had lots of fun doing this it sure beats the youngest player going first rule.

We each took turns rolling the die to see which piece we needed to hang on the Orangutan, we were all trying to place our pieces really carefully. The tension was high as nobody wanted to be the loser.

When the Orangutan eventually sprang he gave us all a fright! We couldn’t stop giggling at how far the Orangutan flung the pieces. We had that much fun that no one actually minded being the loser, in fact, I’m sure the kids were playing to lose just so they could make the Orangutan go wild again.

We absolutely loved playing Orang-U-Twang, it’s so much fun for the whole family.

What We Loved About Orangutwang 

  • How quick and easy the game is to assemble
  • The quality of the pieces
  • How suspenseful the game is to play
  • That is made us giggle a lot
  • There are no batteries required

Where You Can Buy Orang-U-Twang

The ColourMazing Sets are available to buy at:


John Lewis

Smyths Toys 



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