L.O.L Surprise Doll {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the L.O.L Surprise! Doll free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links please see our disclosure policy for more information.

Daisy is a massive fan of surprise toys. Most trips to the supermarket usually involve her bringing home a new surprise toy. She loves to watch her favourite YouTube channels where she can find unboxing videos. Last year she was sent an L.O.L Surprise! Doll just in time for their UK release. She loved it and it’s still one of her favourite things to play with now.

We were asked if we would like to review another L.O.L Surprise! doll. We have one to offer as a prize too. Of course, we said yes. Read to the end where you will find details of how to enter the giveaway.

L.O.L Surprise! are a new range of collectable dolls. You will find 7 layers of surprise with each one. Each one contains a doll with mix and match accessories. You unwrap each layer to reveal the surprises until you finally find out which doll you have got.

There are over 45 dolls to collect in series 1, you could even find one of the ultra-rare dolls inside. Once unwrapped the ball could be used as a carry case, bath, doll display or even a hangout playset. There’s also an extra little surprise if you add water either to the doll or the little drinking cup.

Daisy couldn’t wait to start unwrapping her surprises. The gold ball gave her some clue that the doll inside might be a special one.

I love that these toys are easy for her to open herself, she was able to remove each wrapper by using the ‘zip’ on each layer.

Daisy was right about her doll being special. She got the rare Cosmic Queen from The Glitterati club. Her hair, outfit, and even her drinking bottle are covered in glitter.

One of my favourite features is that it can be safely stored away in the ball when playtime is over. This saves any of the little accessories going astray. I think the L.O.L Surprise! doll would make a lovely gift or pocket money treat.

As you can tell from the photo’s these surprise toys get a big thumbs up from Daisy.

L.O.L Surprise! usually retail at around £7.99 and can be found on Amazon and other good toy retailers.



165 thoughts on “L.O.L Surprise Doll {Review}

  1. When I was little I always wanted a Bontempi and in those days Mom and Dad couldn’t afford alot so I didn’t hold my breath on getting one. But a Christmas came and they hid one under some covers This was like 36 -37s yrs ago I even remember lifting the covers and the joy at seeing what I got. I was so extremely grateful they must of scrimped their way to buy me that <3

  2. My little girl loves these dolls but they are super expensive!! Damn YouTube for introducing her to the world of blind bag toys!!!

  3. It was a handmade bracelet from my neice 20 years ago
    It was the effort that went into making it that stole my heart

  4. When I was about 11 years old an electric guitar – I had never hinted or really wanted one, but it was a great surprise that I loved (I still have it to this day!)

  5. When I was little I’d asked for a barbie car for Christmas, but didn’t get one. I was really surprised when I then found an extra present hidden behind the table and it was my ba barbie car!

  6. My best surprise was my son, I didn’t find out what I was having, it was a lovely surprise as we have all had girls so far in our family.

  7. The best surprise was when my partner bought a house and moved a 180 miles to be with us! I love him 🙂 xx

  8. My mum picking me and my brother up from school and it took as a while to realise she wasn’t driving home – surprise weekend at Butlins!

  9. A competition win, years ago a Nintendo Wii turned up in a jiffy bag at our door. Couldn’t believe it but it was amazing!

  10. A second hand Bike for Christmas, my parents were really hard up so knowing they had worked hard to get me it meant the world

  11. My husband surprised me by proposing to me in the restaurant on the Eiffel Tower – on my birthday! I just thought I was going to sightsee!

  12. My best surprise? When I was about 12, my mum surprised me by getting a little dog, I absolutely loved her! She was a Jack Russell, we called her Topsy and she brought us many years of happiness 🙂

  13. The best suprise i’ve ever got was a bracelet with my daughters name on it, I love it so much and am always wearing it.

  14. A kitten but I’m surprising my daughter with two guinea pigs tomorrow. She has no idea about them she’s going to be so thrilled.

  15. Being proposed to on my 30th birthday by my now husband, did not see it coming and was such a happy shock!

  16. My son being born, I was convinced I was having another girl but when I found out it was a boy I knew my family was complete

  17. my fiancee had wrapped up a pregnancy test in a gift box and when i opened it, i was over the moon, we now have two beautiful children.

  18. One of my fondest Memories and best surprises was getting my little red pedal car for my birthday!

    It was my favourite Toy as a kid, I used to ride about in it for hours.

    I remember it was in front of the fireplace with a big bow on top!

    Best present ever!

  19. Oh mine was a monkey that would hang from the table and other places he was really cute with a striped top and a cheeky face I loved him

  20. When my husband was still my boyfriend,he made us a meal including homemade chocolate mousse.He was 18 at the time and had never made anything before and he did a really good job!That was a really nice surprise!

  21. The best surprise I got was when I was about 11 and my dad went and chose a Christmas gift for me. He (and my mom) let me open it at midnight after mass too; it was a very special night.

  22. I am a huge fan of McFly and have been since they first got together when I was 14.. when my boyfriend and best friend surprised me with tickets for my birthday I literally cried with happiness! The tickets had sold out within minutes and I was so upset I couldn’t get any. It was their tour doing all their songs from their first albums. I was over the moon!!

  23. One Christmas my dad got me a new school bag. Inside were lots of smaller presents all wrapped up, it was fabulous and I’ve often recreated this for other people as it’s so much fun.

  24. I’ve always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride but my husband is scared of heights. But he surprised me with one on our wedding day. He actually really enjoyed it when we went on it on our honeymoon.

  25. A little red bike my parents got me for Christmas when I was 5. The surprise was they had bought me and my sister (4 at the time) one each. Much have taken them all year to save up) happy days

  26. A black patent vanity case, which my mum got from Woolworths for me for Christmas, I felt so grown up, and kept it well into my teens.

  27. The Nintendo NES console that my boyfriend bought me for our first Christmas together – i’d told him how I missed mine and that when I left home my dad had thrown it away, I totally forgot about the conversation and then at Christmas he surprised me with one!

  28. My husband surprising us all and booking a cottage for Christmas last year.Our first time away for 5 years. I don’t know how he managed to keep it a secret from us all!

  29. My best surprise had to be my birthday trip to Jersey that my husband secretly arranged without me finding out! This is a feat as I normally find out everything!

  30. Good grades on an assignment I completed in a couple of hours when I had months to do it … I was convinced I’d failed!

  31. I once won an ipad – that was a wonderful surprise!! I couldn’t afford one so it’s a gift I love still

  32. My husband was abroad working and when he found out I was pregnant many years after struggling to conceive he flew home for 2days to visit me at my parents to surprise me. Was such a lovely surprise!

  33. One of my best surprises for me was when I was a child and wanted roller boots for a long time and finally got them. Also I love it when you find a five/ten pound note on the street, happy days

  34. My youngest daughter, I didn’t find out til I was 15 weeks and had been on lots of fair rides the day before

  35. My best surprise was when I was young our elderly neighbour hung small christmas wrapped gifts on our trees and bushes in our garden as a Christmas Eve hunt.

  36. My daughter’s clubbed together and bought us a trip to Venice for my special birthday had a fantastic time best surprise ever.

  37. When my dad won some money and came home on Thursday night having booked a holiday for the following Saturday. It was a caravan holiday in Rhyll, and we had lovely weather.

  38. My guinea pig having babies when I didn’t even know she was pregnant when I bought her!

  39. My first pair of ‘high heels’ that my big cousin bought me….I think I was about six and totally loved her for it =D x

  40. As a child a record player and as an adult surprise airline tickets to Australia so that I could visit my family.

  41. The best surprise I’ve had was my friends turning up to support me at a charity event I was holding in memory of my mother. I just thought I would be running around a lot that evening and had no idea they were coming to help and support me. It really meant alot to me.

  42. my mum taking me to Disneyworld for my 4th birthday I still remember it as they told me we were going to visit my nana and then we arrived at the airport and it wasnt until I saw mickey mouse that i knew where i was

  43. Mine was when my hubby took me to the jewellery quarter and biught me a diamind ring for valentines day then took me out for dinner…it was a lovely suprise xx

  44. My best surprise ever was finding out I was having twins and having to wait till the day I had them to find out if twin 2 was a boy or a girl 🙂

  45. I was on a riding holiday years ago and had a favourite horse I had been riding there for the last 3 years. My Mum and Dad told me that I could have one on “winter home” and had arranged it all with the owners of the stables. I took my favourite home and then when it came to the time where he should have been going back, they informed me that he was staying as they had bought him for me (the day I took him home for “winter”).

  46. Ending up with 3 sons in 5 years after almost a decade of trying , still getting over the shock now and the eldest is 11 lol

  47. My best surprise was my Fiance arranging our wedding then telling me by writing it in a diary which he gave me for Christmas.

  48. Getting a hifi system when I was younger for Christmas, my Mum had told me she couldn’t afford one, it had a tape deck, cd player AND record player!

  49. I begged my parents for a Gameboy when it was first released, even though I knew it was going to be way out of price range. I was beyond surprised when it did actually turn up in my christmas presents one year!

  50. My dad turning up on my doorstep on Christmas Day. He’d lived in Australia for 4 years and I had no idea he was coming over!!!!

  51. Having twin girls! I was so shocked and surprised when the midwife old me that there are two heartbeats lol!

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