Making The Perfect Brew With ZeroWater 12 Cup Water Filter {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the ZeroWater 12 Cup Water Filter free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links to see our disclosure policy for more information.

ZeroWater is committed to making water taste clean, fresh and as nature intended, they have recently partnered with NationalTeaDay to help you make the perfect brew. ZeroWater sent us a 12 Cup Water Filter to review so we could make our own perfect cup of tea.

Did you know that 98% of Tea is water? so it makes sense that you would want your water to taste as good as the tea you are using. The ZeroWater is the only filter on the market that removes 99.6% of dissolved solids and contaminants in tap water, ensuring your water is the purest thing to bottle water. The ZeroWater 12 Cup Water Filter also removes limescale making it the perfect water to fill your kettle with too.

ZeroWater 12 Cup Water Filter Review

The first thing I noticed about the ZeroWater filter was the size, we do go through a lot of water in our house so it’s important that we have plenty on hand. We could easily all have several glasses of water before having to refill the jug. The jug is quite bulky so you will need plenty of room in the fridge to store it. It’s quite heavy once full too but has a handy dispenser feature that you can just pop your glass underneath.

The filter comes with a water quality meter that allows you to measure the dissolved solids in your tap water, verify the quality of your filtered water and lets you know when you should replace the filter. It is advised that you should change the filter when he water quality meter reads 006.

The filter is really easy to attach to the jug, you simply screw it in place making sure it’s tightly sealed. Filling the jug to the top took me around 10 minutes as the water is quite slow to filter through. I have been topping the water up rather than letting it empty completely and this is working well for us.

I decided to make myself a cup of tea to see if I really could taste the difference. My favourite tea is Earl Grey, I take it without milk and usually enjoy a cup every afternoon while I read a book. I poured the water straight from the filter jug into the kettle and switched it on to boil.

The first thing I noticed once I made my tea was the absence of that greasy scum on top that always seems to appear when I make a brew. My tea looked really clear and tasted delicious, I couldn’t definitely taste a difference, the tea flavour was much stronger and crisp tasting than usual.

I like to drink filtered water but I had never thought of using it in my kettle before, I’m a definite convert!

What We Loved About The ZeroWater 12 Cup Water Filter

  • How much water it holds
  • The fresh taste of the water
  • That the jug has a handy water dispenser feature
  • How much better tea and coffee tastes using the filtered water in the kettle
  • The water quality meter that verifies the water quality and lets you know when to replace the filter

Where You Can Buy ZeroWater 12 Cup Water Filter

The ZeroWater 12 cup water filter and replacement filters are available to buy from:



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