Spontex Bathroom Gloves Review

Earlier this year I blogged about becoming a Spontex Real Cleaner . Being part of the team means that I get to try new products. I also get to share my opinion and cleaning tips with readers of the Spontex website.


This month I was sent a new product to try, Spontex Bathroom gloves.

The bathroom gloves have been designed to give you extra protection from the splashing that occurs when cleaning in the bathroom. If you are like me and use the shower to hose your tiles down then these gloves are brilliant. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve ended up with soggy elbows and water inside my rubber gloves.

The extra long cuffs are designed to stay in place to keep your arms dry.  It’s also a really useful feature to keep you protected when cleaning the toilet bowl.

I tried out the gloves yesterday when I cleaned the bathroom not only did they keep my arms dry I also found them comfortable to wear. They have a really good grip on them too which makes cleaning slippery surfaces a lot easier.

Overall I’m very impressed with the new gloves and will definitely buy another pair when I’ve worn these ones out.


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