Serenz Allergy Relief Review

When it comes to nasal allergies I was quite a late starter, I never suffered as a child but as soon as I hit my early twenties boom I found myself in hayfever territory. Summer didn’t just mean long days, warm weather and sunshine anymore it also meant a runny nose and constant sneezing, over the years I’ve tried lots of different remedies finally settling with antihistamine tablets which are okay but they don’t offer instant relief which is what I really crave so when I saw a chance to review Serenz allergy relief I took it.


Serenz nasal allergy relief is a natural product that uses carbon dioxide for drip-free relief that works within minutes of use, not only does is work quickly it doesn’t cause drowsiness which is a huge bonus. Serenz gently cleanses the nasal passages which quickly helps to relieve the symptoms of hayfever and allergy like a runny itchy nose, sneezing and nasal congestion.

My Serenz arrived at the perfect time as I had just spent the morning mowing the lawn and doing some gardening, I had already woken up with a runny nose and I knew my symptoms were likely to get worse as the day went on. I read the instruction leaflet carefully before my first use as I didn’t want to get it wrong.


I had to activate the hand-held unit before use by using the blue key that is included, this only needs to be done once and it’s simple to do, once you can hear he gas flowing you know that your Serenz is activated and ready for use. I got ready to use the Serenz by forming a tight seal between the nosepiece and my nostril and held the it there for 10 seconds I have to tell you that it’s a very strange sensation and a little cold but bearable and definitely worth it for the almost instant relief it provides.

IMG_1284[1] IMG_1287[1]

Chris my husband has suffered with allergies all his life and he has been using the Serenz as well , he usually can’t smell things very well and he couldn’t believe how much better he could smell after his first use he said his nostrils haven’t felt that clear in years so it’s a big thumbs up from him too.

Serenz is suitable for adults from 18-65 years old and can be used as needed up to six times a day.

If you want to try Serenz for yourself you can buy it online from Weldricks Pharmacy.

Angela xx

* I was sent the Serenz Nasal Allergy Relief for the purpose of this review all opinions and photographs are my own*



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