Smart Globe Myth {Review}

My kids are always asking questions about our planet, where certain countries are, how big is the ocean, is Australia upside down? it’s never-ending I swear. I don’t mind though, I love that they show such an interest in the world around us. We were recently sent a Smart Globe Myth by Oregon Scientific to review and I knew the kids would absolutely love it.

The Smart Globe Myth brings earth, space, and myths all together to create a unique learning experience. It comes pre-programmed with 12 constellation stories, 10 fairy tales, and 6 different geography categories. At bedtime it becomes a fantastic night-light, the globe’s sky is illuminated by the start of the constellations. If that wasn’t enough it also features a 3D augmented reality experience using the special app.

Smart Globe Myth

Daisy and Jake couldn’t wait to test out all the functions of the Smart Globe Myth but first, they wanted to find all the countries they knew on the globe. They were both amazed at how tiny an island Great Britain is and excited to spot the North Pole.

kids looking at smart globe

children looking at a globe

On the base of the globe, there are a series of buttons clearly marked with options to choose from. These were really easy for the kids to use by themselves. They could choose between fairy tales, constellations, and earth facts, as well as turning the volume up and down and illuminating the globe.

function buttons from Smart Globe Myth

The illuminated constellations feature of the globe has to be my favourite. The kids loved listening to the myths of the constellations whilst pointing them out on the globe. I think this is such a brilliant way to learn about the constellations.

illuminated smart globe myth

kids with illuminated constellations smart globe

children looking at constellations smart globe myth

Daisy really enjoyed using the globe as night-light, she loved listening to the fairy tales whilst she drifted off to sleep.

girl looking at smart globe myth illuminated constellations

Using a tablet or smartphone you can unlock the augmented reality content. The kids did need a little help with this part as it was a little tricky for them to use. They discovered animals, landmarks, dinosaurs, world cuisines, and more. Jake was a big fan of the dinosaurs and Daisy loved finding out which food came from which country.

This is an amazing feature of the Smart Globe Myth, it really brings the experience to life and offers so many learning opportunities.

The Smart Globe Myth requires 3 AA batteries which are included, you can also use USB power.

What We Loved About Smart Globe Myth

  • The illuminated constellations
  • Listening to the audio fairy tales, constellation stories, and earth facts
  • How easy the features are for the kids to use themselves
  • The fun element of learning
  • Good quality globe
  • That it can be powered by USB
  • The augmented reality app

The Smart Globe Myth is suitable for ages 3+ and is available to buy from Amazon priced at £39.99.

Disclosure: We were sent the Smart Globe Myth free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links see our disclosure policy for more information.

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