Treetop Adventure Golf Manchester {Review}

Disclosure: This post is a review in collaboration with Treetop Adventure Golf, our visit was complimentary, please see our disclosure policy for more information.

It’s no secret that we love having new adventures as a family, especially if it’s something we haven’t done before. Treetop Adventure Golf in Manchester invited us along to experience what fun family adventures they have to offer. Located in The Printworks building in Manchester, Treetop Golf Adventures is a fun mini-golf experience that will take you on a big adventure.

There are two indoor, 18 hole mini-golf courses each with an exciting theme. You can tackle the Tropical Trail which leads you through the Rainforest or The Ancient Explorer Trail through the cloud village. There’s also a bonus 19th hole where you have the chance to take a shot and win yourself a free round.

We found Treetop Adventure Golf really easily, it’s not hard to miss with its colourful sign and the sound of the jungle beats coming from inside. The entrance is really colourful and gives you just a taste of what’s in store upstairs. There’s a lift in the entrance that will take you straight up the fun.

The first thing that struck me walking in was how colourful the place is, it’s also really atmospheric it feels like you’ve stepped out of Manchester and into a treetop adventure. On entering there’s the Rainforest reception desk, where a team member will give you a friendly greeting and explain everything to you. There are also lockers available for £1 (refundable) if you want to store your bags. The lady at the desk told us all about each course and gave us our clubs and balls. I was really impressed that the kids were given size appropriate clubs, they were perfect for smaller hands.

Before you enter the courses there’s a bar and cafe. The Market, themed like an Amazonian village where you can enjoy a soft drink, an exotic cocktail or some handmade pizza.

We started off with the Tropical Trail, the course is so well designed with all the touches that made it feel like you were in the middle of the Rainforest. The sounds and music made it all the more atmospheric, there are also fun little surprise for the kids like the dancing cartoon bird in the tree trunk, to the Pelicans and their hilarious puns in the treetops. We came across some singing tree frogs too!

The kids really enjoyed navigating the fun obstacles and trying to putt the balls. It took us around 45 minutes to complete the 18 holes and the kids didn’t get bored although Jake did abandon his club and opt for rolling his ball instead a few times.

At the end of the course we all took a shot at the 19th hole, Chris took his and won himself a free round and a bonus chocolate creme egg as a treat with it being Easter weekend.

Our tummies were rumbling by now so we headed to the cafe to order a pizza and soft drink each. There were some colouring activities to keep the kids entertained while we waited for our food. The 8″ pizzas are made fresh at the Pizza Cabana while you wait. Once they arrived we couldn’t wait to tuck in, Jake and I went for the Margherita and Chris and Daisy tried the Pepperoni. The pizzas were delicious and filling, perfect for lunch after a round of mini-golf. They come sliced up for you making them much easier for the kids to eat too.

I had a quick look at the cocktails while I was waiting, they looked amazing. It would be the perfect place to come back for a girls night out to play the courses and sample some cocktails.

There was free face painting available over the Easter weekend so after lunch Daisy had her face painted by a lady called Vix from vixfacepainting Plus. She did an amazing job of turning Daisy in to a leopard, complete with glitter. Daisy was absolutely thrilled with the results and kept it on right up until bedtime.

Soon it was time to try the Ancient Explorer trail, this was themed just as brilliantly as the other course. There were crumbling temples, a sacred mask and a sleepy head to greet us. The sounds again complemented the theme of the course and there is a gorgeous running water feature towards the middle of the course. There were some more interactive surprises waiting like Mabel the Monkey Queen who seemed to be a fan of a pun or two as well. It’s the touches like this that set Treetop Adventure Golf apart from other courses I think.


It was soon time for us to go home sadly, we had such a great adventure and will definitely be back soon. We didn’t encounter any problems and we really did have a brilliant experience.

Things You Might Want To Know

For a family of 4 it costs £31.50 for 1 round (18 holes on either course) and £48 for 2 rounds (36 holes). A family must have at least one child under 12.

There’s an Early Bird offer available, if you tee off before midday you can play two courses for the price of one (excluding bank holiday Mondays).

The toilets are lovely and clean and fit in with the whole theme of the building. There is a disabled toilet and baby changing area.

There’s free WiFi available.

You don’t have to book, you can just turn up and tee off.

There’s also a Treetop Adventure Golf in Cardiff.

The courses are suitable for all ages and abilities, there’s no age limit.

There are some rules to follow like a six-shots-per-hole one to make it fair on waiting golfers.


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