5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding although lots of fun can also be very stressful especially when the costs start to add up. With a little imagination, there are lots of ways you can save money on your wedding day. A tight budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have the wedding of your dreams.

Weddings are expensive and there’s no getting away from that but you can still get the most from your money by following some money-saving budget wedding tips. Here are a few ideas that you might not have thought of before.


5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Day

Wedding Photo Swap

Having something to solidify your memories of your big day is an absolute must but wedding photography can be very expensive. You could cut out the photographer and instead consider a service that collates all the wedding photos that your guests have taken.

Not only would this save you money but it also gives you shots of your big day from the viewpoint of your guests which makes them extra special.

Avoid Peak Dates

As with most things choosing off-peak times for your wedding date can save you a ton of money. The Autumn and Winter months tend to be cheaper as there isn’t as much demand for venues and entertainment.

You could also opt to get married on a weekday rather than the weekend, the cost of hiring a venue is usually a lot cheaper.

Prom Dress 

Lots of people choose to go with a traditional white wedding dress but you might want to consider something a little different. You could use something like a Prom Dress Finder website for a much cheaper alternative wedding dress. Prom dresses might be more suitable for your bridesmaids too especially if you want a more modern look for your wedding day.

Use Your Skills

If you are crafty or arty you could save yourself lots of money by making things like invitations, table decorations, wedding favours, and even your wedding cake. The cost of things like this can make a huge dent in your overall budget so making them yourself is an excellent idea.

You could pick up materials inexpensively by going to a wholesaler or discount store. People often sell their excess wedding decorations on selling websites as well, you could have a search through some local selling pages to find a real bargain.

Ditch Traditions 

Lots of couples make decisions about their wedding day based upon traditions that they think they must follow and this can be costly. You can shave so much from your budget by thinking outside the box and ditching traditions. Instead of hiring a DJ or a band, you could make your own playlists or and ask wedding guests for their favourite love songs to add to it.

Cutting out a sit down meal and opting for a buffet or barbecue is sure to cut costs, this is also much more informal and relaxing for your guests as well.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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