5 Ways To Save Money Right Now

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I truly believe that when it comes to saving money or living a more frugal lifestyle it’s the small everyday changes and actions that are the most effective. There are so many ways you can save money in your home right now, you can start small and build up to bigger savings once you’ve mastered the basic stuff.

I thought I would give you five simple tips that we follow to save money in our home. These basic frugal tips might only save you a few pounds but when you are on a frugal money-saving journey even the smallest actions really do make a big difference.

How To Save Money Right Now


 Ditch The Tumble Dryer

I won’t lie, I love my tumble dryer but I also know that it uses a lot of electricity to run. You can save yourself some money by lowering your energy bill and making use of your washing line instead. If you don’t have space outside or the weather is against you drying your clothes indoors using coat hangers and any available hanging space works just as well.

You could invest in an energy-efficient indoor heated airer to use for smaller loads or when it’s raining.

If you do need to use your tumble dryer then you could still save money by adding a clean, dry towel in with the wet clothes. The towel will absorb the moisture speeding up the drying time and in turn using less energy and saving you money.

hand on a washing machine dial

Stocktake To Save Money

Before you do your weekly or monthly grocery shop make sure you do a stocktake of all the food products you already have in your cupboards, fridge, and freezer. You can even extend this to your toiletries and cleaning products, make a list of every single item.

Take a good look at the list and on a separate piece of paper write down any meals you know you can make from the things you already have in. Try to use it all up before buying anything else, this might mean getting a little inventive with your meal choices.

When you have used up all your stock make yourself a weekly or monthly meal plan. Buying exactly what you need you will avoid food waste and lower your costs at the same time.

Learn How To D.I.Y

They say that prevention is better than cure and this is never truer than in your home. Learning how to maintain your home and carry out simple repairs can save you a lot of money. I’ve done this in the past, repaired our vacuum instead of replacing it by watching YouTube tutorials and searching for a solution online.

Just think of all the extra money you could save by not paying someone else to do it!

three tools on a wood floor

Save Money Switch It Off

I’m in a constant battle with my husband about switching things off and not just leaving them on standby. His argument is that the savings are negligible but I don’t agree, lots of small savings add up to make bigger ones.

I think lots of us switch on the lights in our houses as a habit, even if it’s not really dark. Try to be more mindful, before you reach for the light switch ask yourself if it really needs to be on. Switching lights off when you leave the room and investing in some energy-efficient light bulbs will help too.

You could also save money in this area by looking at your TV subscriptions and cutting them if you find you are not watching half the channels you are subscribed to.

Weather Proof

One of the biggest areas every household can save money on is their energy costs. Making simple changes according to the season can really help.

There are lots of ways you can help to keep your home warm during the winter. Get creative and try some frugal hacks like using tin foil down the back of your radiators, hanging a thick curtain over your front door, closing all your doors and making your own draught excluders.

In summer instead of using electric fans open all your windows to get a nice breeze going. Make a homemade fan out of card even better get someone to stand and fan you. You should also make sure you have plenty of ice in the freezer so you can cool yourself down with a cold drink.




10 thoughts on “5 Ways To Save Money Right Now

  1. Our tumble dryer was one of the faulty one’s. We never bothered replacing it and it is harder to dry clothes at this time of year but it has saved us a lot of money.
    Great advice! x

  2. Great tips, I am guilty of not stock taking and I do end up with several items in the shopping that I’ve already got. It’s a habit I really must get into. I just bought a new tumble dryer and it’s so efficient, it dries twice as much in half the time. I still have a clothes airer though, I don’t tumble dry a lot of clothes as my family are all really tall and things do shrink!

  3. Stock taking and mending things ourselves must have saved us so much over the years. Cuts waste too. I don’t think I could get rid of our tumble dryer. I only use it in the winter and not for everything. #MMBC

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