Moving On A Budget: 3 Ways To Save Money On Your Move

Moving from NYC to LA and other parts of the world will require money from your pocket. Regardless of the distance, expect that a move can get expensive as you’ll have to pay for a new home, hire a professional moving company, and scout for new furniture for your home. 

Moving is not free but there are many ways on how you can make the move cheaper but still easier. Implementing these strategies will make it very easy for you to move without breaking the bank. In fact, this information can even help you save money as you’re hiring movers

Listed below are some ways on how you can save money for your next move.

Moving On A Budget: 3 Ways To Save Money On Your Move


Declutter Your Home And Sell Any Excess


If you have been living in the same home for years, it’s common to invest in countless items. You might have been keeping sentimental appliances or expensive furniture around your home to improve your comfort and convenience. All of these things are your investment, but this doesn’t mean that you should keep everything. 

More often than not, you’re only keeping items because they are either expensive or sentimental – not because it is useful. 

One of the easiest ways to save money on your move is to declutter your home and sell any excess. You should check every nook and cranny of your home and dispose of any damaged or duplicate items. This means that regardless of how expensive a pair of shoes is if you are no longer using them, it’s best to dispose of them properly. Depending on the condition of your valuables, you can choose to donate these to charity or sell during a garage sale. 


Reuse Free Or Cheap Packing Materials


Moving boxes are a necessity when moving. Regardless of where you’re going and how many items are you planning to bring, you will always need moving boxes to store your valuables and ensure that these remain in tiptop condition throughout the move. And while moving boxes can be purchased almost anywhere, it’s best if you look for something that’s free. This will enable you to save a lot of money from packing materials without compromising the condition of your valuables. 

For you to make use of free or cheap packing materials, ask supplies from your local stores. These stores will use boxes in transporting supplies and would usually keep a couple once their stocks arrive. Kindly reach out to these business owners and ask if you can have their boxes for free or buy them at a cheaper price. 

Aside from this, you can also ask for spare boxes from your office as they would usually have boxes when they buy new supplies such as desktop computers, printers, or tables. Just make sure to ask these people in advance so they can prepare the boxes and you will also have time to look for other options, just in case the first ones fail to provide you with cheap or free moving supplies.


Don’t Overbuy For Your New Home


Decorating a new house can be very exciting. This can become your opportunity to transform your house into a home, and showcase your personality and creativity in the space. However, this excitement can get too overwhelming that you’ll end up buying too many appliances or pieces of furniture all at once. The next thing you know it, you’re paying for thousands of dollars for items that will only make your home look cramped. 

Avoid this from happening by only buying items that you actually need for your home. It’s best if you buy new items once all of your valuables are settled and arranged. This will give you a better view on what items do you lack thus, prevent overbuying. 

It’s Easy When You Know How 

You can never move from one location to another for free but as long as you are resourceful enough, this process can be cheaper. If this is your first time to move, consider this article as your guide. It’ll be easier for you to continue with your move and save money if you know how! 


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