Bumper Webster’s Week In Wins 22nd March – 12th May 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you the prizes I have won, freebies I’ve received and the vouchers/cash I get for completing surveys or product testing so I thought I would do it all in a bumper post before I get back to sharing more regularly.

I love seeing what other people have won or got for free, it inspires me and I like to think someone might get inspiration from me by sharing.

We made the decision for me to be a stay at home mum and the extra little treats I get for free make me feel like I’m still contributing to the pot so to speak.

Compers get a bad rap nowadays which is a shame we are not all greedy grabbers who want to win anything and everything the majority of us are lovely sharing and kind hearted, pleased for others as much as ourselves when we get a win.

Comping and looking for freebies has been my hobby for almost fourteen years, probably longer although I didn’t take it up seriously until 2001, I’ve won some amazing prizes, had some fantastic experiences and met the most loveliest people who I consider my friends.

Anyway enough of me blithering on about my wonderful hobby, here are some photo’s of the goodies from the last month or so, a few things are missing as I’ve put them away for Christmas and I’ve had some Amazon vouchers from cashing out on the survey sites.














I will be back to posting more regularly as long as the goodies keep on coming of course, I hope so as I’ve been comping my socks off just lately !

Angela x


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