Happy Fathers Day

I couldn’t let today pass without writing a little piece about an amazing Daddy that I know, my husband Chris.

When I first met Chris before we had Daisy, he had such a lack of confidence in his abilities as a father, past experiences had left him a little scarred and he seemed to have lost faith in himself.

When we found out we were expecting Daisy I had no doubts as to the sort of Dad Chris would be to her, sometimes we see things in others when we can’t see ourselves.

I know before she was born he had so many worries and doubts, but when she was born he really began to see that he was a good dad and he could finally put all those fears to rest, he began to realise that parenting can be such a fun experience and that he didn’t need to be the disciplinarian and that he wasn’t being judged by me on his parenting skills.

It had been wonderful to watch him relax and grow into the father that he is today, a bloody good one who is fair but firm, kind and so much fun.

Daisy and Jacob are lucky to be loved and looked after by such a wonderful Daddy.

Here are a few pictures that to me sum up Chris in his role of Daddy perfectly.





I am excited to see what the future holds for us as parents, together, Thank you Chris for being a wonderful Daddy to our children.

Angela x


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