Planning For A Long Car Journey With A Toddler

Hi Folks

We are off on our short break to Cornwall very soon so I have been planning how to keep Daisy entertained on the long car journey, this is the first time we have taken a trip more than an hour long.

I thought the most important thing was to pack her a bag full of her favourite things that would be easy for her to play with in the car. We will also be making a couple of stops along the way so we can all stretch our legs & get some fresh air.


Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Backpack -£20.75 Amazon


Books, Colouring Book, Crayons, Minnie Mouse Magic Sketcher, RaRa Figures, In The Night Garden Snugglies, Peppa Pig Hand Wipes.

Hopefully the items above will help to keep Daisy entertained for a little while, and in the event of an entertainment emergency we have also borrowed a portable DVD player !


Don’t worry Daisy won’t be munching all of that, I just wanted a good selection. We are reviewing the Barny cakes so look out for that soon.

I must admit I am a little nervous about the journey but I know it will be worth it when we get there and have loads of family fun.

What do pack to keep your little ones entertained ? Do you think long journeys are harder with babies or toddlers ? Leave me a comment if you like.

Angela x


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