Webster’s Week In Review 20th-26th January 2014

Hi Folks

I really haven’t taken many photo’s to share with you this week, I had a couple of days this week where I needed to catch up with some sleep in the afternoon’s while Daisy had a nap so we didn’t get out or get as much done as I had hoped.

I have also been spending a lot of time this week reading up on frugal living & ways to save & make money, I’ve sorted some things out to sell this weekend so hopefully I will have some luck with that.

On Monday morning Daisy & I did some baking, it’s great now she’s a little older & can really get stuck in, she loves getting messy.

We did some sensory play with play-dough & shells, this keeps Daisy occupied for about an hour which is a bonus.

On Wednesday in between rain showers we walked to the local Primary school to drop Daisy’s admission form for Nursery off, she won’t start until January 2015 but if you want a certain school you have to be organised & get your name down early. I will be so sad when she goes as I love our days together.

Between the weather & me feeling super tired we haven’t been anywhere else during the week, I’m really disappointed as I wanted to get outside more this year but I guess it’s only January & the bad weather won’t last.

I think that’s it for last week, I’m hoping we can get out a little more next week, I also have plans to start Spring cleaning & have another sort out & purge of unwanted things.

Have a great week whatever your plans are.

Angela x

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